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Eoghanacht — describing the descendants of Eoghan Mór.

Current projects[edit]

  • I used to be active in a number of topics, but am mostly retired now.

Hall of Shame[edit]

Like any decent writer (which I do not claim myself to be), I push the envelope occasionally. Here are my articles that have been deemed unwikiworthy:

  1. Kool Korners Grocery (votes), a 20-year-old hip little hole-in-the-wall landmark sandwich shop in Atlanta. Even though I easily spotted several less significant establishments in Category:Restaurants, Kool Korners took the brunt of an anti-restaurant-"vanity" movement. Yet some content lives on in wikitravel:Atlanta!
  2. El Presidente (cocktail) (votes), a tasty little Cuban cocktail. It was actually my own idea to delete the Wikipedia entry, after moving the content to wikibooks:Bartending:El Presidente.
  3. Category:Wikipedians by input device (votes), a holding category for Category:Dvorak keyboard users and other input device user categories (should another Wikipedian wish to create them). I copied the organizational logic from Category:Wikipedians by text editorCategory:Nano users (&c.), yet others disagreed, so the Dvorak user category was moved to Category:Wikipedians without an intermediate group category.
  4. Category:Wikipedians by fields of interest (not voted on), was a category for users to identify themselves by encyclopedic topics that they were knowledgeable about or in which they specialized. It was redirected to a category for any interest, encyclopedic or not.
  5. Template:Part-of (votes), a general use navigational template appearing above the title bar.
  6. Baltimorons (votes), a harmless redirect from a term I have only ever heard in self-reference. Some Wikipedians have no sense of humor.

Hall of Fame[edit]

My most significant contribution to Wikipedia may be the Gutenberg author template, which I started on April 25, 2005.

Featured articles:[edit]

  • None to date.

Good articles:[edit]

Did you know? articles:[edit]


Current events[edit]

On this day[edit]


Your recent contributions to the Wikiproject Protect Areas are are a true class act and I hereby award you this kind-of-sort-of (but much better looking) "barnstar" for your efforts.--MONGO 21:25, 31 October 2005 (UTC)

References & Notes[edit]

  1. ^ I began the Baptistina family content as a section under 298 Baptistina on September 5, 2007, but another user moved it to a stand-alone article.


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Henry V of England - Illustration from Cassell's History of England - Century Edition - published circa 1902.jpg The vser thinkes himself accurst he was not there; and holds his Manhood cheape, whiles any speakes that fought with King Harry vpon Saint Crispines day.
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