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Welcome to my user page!

SMirC-hi.svg السلام و علیکم . Hello! · Hola! · Salut! · Cześć! · Hallo! · Privet! · Ciao! · Shalom! · Nî hâo! · Kon'nichiwa! · Namasté · Marhában! · Namaskar! · Olá! · Merhaba! · Γειά σας! · Salutare! · Sawatdee! · Habari! · Tungjatjeta!

Hola friends! Face-smile.svg
I am Samir Shinde, a motivated and creative individual, blended with the passion to outdo myself each time. Spent most of years in Saudi Arabia then shifted my base to aamchi Mumbai for completing high school. By profession, a computer engineer from Mumbai University who is yet to decide which field to specialize in.

Being a big time foodie, I love trying different cuisines out of which Mexican, Chinese and Italian are my favorites. I find cooking a really good stress buster and love experimenting with new dishes once a while. I am also a huge movie buff and a gadget savvy person.

Amidst the chaotic life, I find it difficult to do things that keep me happy, be it spending time with family, laughing out loud with close friends, going for a trip and exploring places and many more. But its challenging for me to free myself from my own glitches or problems and find a way out to enjoy life as it comes.

Being bored with social media platforms, I want to try explore the domain of Wikipedia and help to contribute in whatever free time I get. Happy editing!! Face-smile.svg

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