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Professional librarian working with manuscripts, rare books, and other arcana.


Current projects (in order of priority)[edit]

  • Clearing the backlog of articles without living and listas parameters
  • Aligning birth and death categories with text in biographies (trying to do it chronologically)
  • Adding birth and death categories to articles missing them; also adding BLP tag in talk pages as needed
  • Improving composer articles through proofreading
  • Copyediting articles
  • Adding categories to the category Uncategorised people, including birth and death dates as I find them
  • Shifting people in category Uncategorised pages to Uncategorised people
  • Improving Featured Articles through proofreading

Working on these projects less often...

  • Working on helping to proofread the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica entries, esp. the biographies
  • Also doing the same for entries from the 1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia
  • Adding authority control information to biography articles; helping to distinguish people with common names as well.
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I award you this barnstar for the much-appreciated research and other efforts regarding the EB1911 and other missing topics projects. --DanielCD 16:25, 7 December 2005 (UTC)
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