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Just Me[edit]

So this is me, Finbar Canavan, which isn't my real name. What my real name is I won't tell you because I don't give things like that out over the net.

Involving Wikipedia[edit]

So on this fine example of internet goodness, I mainly patrol the recent changes reverting blatant vandalism. I also do the usual of correcting spelling errors. It's all good, don't mind me.


I listen to alot of music of varying genres. My default music would be classic rock and progressive rock. My all time favourite band is Rush and Tyr following close behind. so like i said varied music tastes as i dabble in metal, good pop, Darude, viking metal, progressive metal, folk metal, new rock, classic rock, and progressive rock. My favourite guitarist has got to be Eric Clapton because that guy is freaking awesome. In band, i used to play the euphonium and way before that is was a trumpet and now i play percussion with emphasis on the bass drum but also things like the cabasa. I know, it's not bad at all. I'm all for having fun in anything, sometimes things get crazy, i'm okay with it. I ride a motorcycle, i definatly prefer two wheels over four. Right now i ride a 1982 Suzuki GS400E as my primary ride and the Kawasaki KLR250 as my backup. Take a look at the user boxes and get a good idea of who i am and what i like.

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