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I am a software developer who has been watching Wikipedia for a number of years. I have finally started to contribute.


2004-09-24 My current contributions to Wikipedia have been "stiching" together some pages and adding in some pages that I have searched for in the past and didn't find.

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Jack Flanders (ZBS)[edit]

  • The Ah-Ha! Phenomena
  • The Fourth Tower of Inverness
  • The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders
  • Moom Over Morocco
  • Dreams of Rio
  • Dreams of Sumatra, Bali, India, the Amazon
  • Dreams of the Blue Morpho
  • Midnight at the Casa Luna
  • The Mystery of Jaguar Reef
  • Somewhere Next Door To Reality
  • Do That in Real Life?
  • The Eye of Van Gogh
  • Return to Inverness

Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe (ZBS)[edit]

  • Tired of the Green Menace?
  • Ruby 1 - The Galactic Gumshoe
  • Ruby 2 - The Further Adventures
  • Ruby 3 - Part 1: The Underworld, Part2: The Invisible World
  • Ruby 4 (four parts)
  • Ruby 5 - The Land of the Zoots
  • Ruby 6 - The Illusionati

List of fictional named weapons[edit]

Doomsday Weapon/Doomsday Machine[edit]


  • Ike (or is it Mike), The Avenger's gun and knife (category in fictional weapons)


  • Mike (or is it Ike), The Avenger's gun and knife (category in fictional weapons)


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List of fictional sidekicks[edit]

List of fictional human radiations[edit]

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List of fictional interdimensional travellers[edit]