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Geoffrey Capp (born 1959, London, Ontario, Canada) was a customer service representative at a telephone company until January 2007, and is presently pursuing employment in a new locale. He is particularly interested in geography (strongly preferred category in Trivial Pursuit), with applicable history. He is also developing a science fiction story that he hopes to publish.

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Faith and Service[edit]

Geoff, an evangelical Christian and member of the Church of the Nazarene, seeks to obey the Great Commandment by seeking to serve the people through political involvement, and has run six times for office, five times federally (Yukon riding in 1993, 1997, 2000, 2004, Lethbridge riding in 2008 and 2011) and once for the Yukon legislature (2002), representing the Christian Heritage Party federally and on analogous policies for the legislature election. He has been chosen by the party members resident in Lethbridge riding to represent the party in the 41st general election.

There is no userbox for Canadian politics that Geoff can use to represent his party preference.

Geoff continues to support the CHP as the best expression he can find to obey the Great Commandment, and views all 6.8 billion people on Earth as neighbours to whom the commandment applies for him to carry out. Geoff had supported the Progressive Conservative Party from about 1977 to 1987, but abandoned it due to the scandal and financial incompetence of the Mulroney government; he joined the CHP immediately upon being introduced to it in 1988, supporting their candidate in his riding.

Interest in politics predates involvement, and included an extensive project in the late 1970s to complete detailed references to elections both federally and provincially/territorially, with exhaustive information on dates of elections, byelections, vacancies, writs, defections, opening and adjournment dates, etc. The time required to research this information, losing easy access to the source material, and the time required for responsibilities left the project incomplete, but certainly, much of the information can now be found on Wikipedia and other Internet sources.

A novice Wikipedian[edit]

Geoff has contributed to Wikipedia for some time without an actual account, but took the plunge on June 15, 2005. His interest is in articles that represent as truthfully as possible, respect diverging viewpoints and defending the right to state opinions that are not universally accepted. He would be considered a novice at formatting articles, but catches on with use of format codes.


  • This user will wish you a happy Dominion Day because he knows the history behind the name for July 1st.
  • Also would like to have a pet poodle, is developing a Christian sci-fi story.
  • Also likes the comics "Nancy", "Beetle Bailey", "Crankshaft", "Blondie" (but wishes Dagwood wasn't a slacker at work), "B.C.", "Broom Hilda", "Tumbleweeds", and others he can't think of right now. Misses some REAL oldies like "Lolly", "The Better Half", "Big Al", "Mickey Mouse", "Donald Duck", "Lil' Iodine"
  • Also likes "My Favorite Martian", "Space: 1999", "Voyagers!"