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I am passionate about agriculture and youth empowerment in Africa.I am working on projects that involve the youth in order to make them know that they can do better to make this continent a better place for all,because a continent where most people lack access to basic goods and services is a continent that does not work for any of us.I am commitment to empowering the youth to use their knowledge, innovations and skills for the betterment of society.

Professional Experience[edit]

  • May 2011-Date I worked as the agribusiness Officer at panaac and the most notable project I have done is thePSIP where we link students with agribusiness companies so that they get professional mentorship when in the field.
  • January 2011 -March 2011 I worked as Tutor at Belbur Women Group in Njoro Kenya this is a group of 120 Women subdivided into 3 and they take part in income generating projects e.g sandal making, poultry keeping, greenhouse farming and cookery. My role being a tutor is to empower the women by training them on various skills e.g leadership, entrepreneurship
  • Nov 2010 I formed Kwetu innovations and entrepreneurship youth Group with 20 other University students where we help farmers by doing pilot projects in Agribusiness and then spreading them to the farmers with Kwetu as a role model.
  • May 2010-October 2010 I worked as an intern at Bayer CropScience Nairobi Kenya. It was here that I was able to perfect my skills in,Product Promotion/ Marketing

Wikimedia Projects[edit]


I work on translation of HIV/AIDS info on Wikipedia into local languages in Sub Saharan Africa

  • Wikipedia Chapters in Universities

In my mission to have a large poll of editors I am working on having campus chapters started in all Universities in Kenya and ultimately all over Africa


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