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Chris DeRosa[1]
Birth name Chris DeRosa
Born New Haven, Connecticut USA
Genres Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Funk, R&B, Pop, Gospel, Blues, ecm, Reggae, Brazilian
Occupation(s) Musician, Performer, Composer, Producer
Instruments Drums and Percussion
Labels PBR Records
Associated acts Nadia Ali, Deborah Harry, FlyinFisch, Monkfish, Rick Ross, Raul Midon

Chris DeRosa is an American Drummer/Producer/Composer. His work and career have taken him to more than 47 countries but he currently lives in New York City.


Chris DeRosa was born in New Haven, Connecticut but later moved to nearby Guilford where he took up the drums. At a very young age Chris was mesmerized by the sounds of the ecm record label he would hear pouring out of his radio on WPKN’s late night Jazz program. He was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to attend the Educational Center For The Arts High School (ACES) and at 16 studied with NTSU famed Drum set Professor Ed Soph while on sabbatical in Connecticut.

By Chris’ senior year in High School he was playing and performing with The Five Satins with whom he opened up for Chuck Berry at the Nassau Coliseum (at 18 years of age). Prior to that his 1st steady professional gig was with a local New Haven, Connecticut top 40 band called Horizon at 15 years of age. Chris’ 1st professional recording session was with the Neapolitan singer Benny Del Mare for the album “Ménage A Te” recorded @Trod Nossel studio in Hamden, Connecticut. This recording led to Chris performing at many concerts and outdoor festivals throughout the Connecticut region with L’anima Benny’s backup band.

Chris studied at both the Berklee College of Music where he received the Buddy Rich Jazz Masters scholarship and at the University Of Miami where he was the recipient of the Bowman Ashe scholarship for artistic and academic achievement. There Chris also received his Studio Music/Jazz Performance degree. While in Miami Chris was further influenced by the rhythms of both Jamaica and Cuba that continued to shape his sound and style. Those influences have shaped the way DeRosa plays and sounds.

Chris was asked by the US Embassy in Cairo to be a cultural ambassador. Chris was honored and with his band Monkfish collaborate with local artists to perform concerts at various historic venues.


Selected Discography[edit]

  • Air-o-sol - “Medium Sized Life”
  • Aquaman Jones - “Spatial Funk”
  • Benny Del Mare - “Menage A Te”
  • Chris DeRosa - “Live In Miami”
  • Chris DeRosa - “ism”
  • Chris DeRosa - “Inner Voicings”
  • Chris DeRosa - “Broadway Jam”
  • Chris DeRosa - “With Hand And Tongue”
  • Chris DeRosa - “Shadows”
  • Collider - “Duck You Sucker!”
  • Collider - “WCYK”
  • d'atlee - “d'atlee”
  • Diabolique - “Uses Of Disorder”
  • E-Trance - “E-Trance”
  • Eyelash - “The Cover-Up”
  • Eyelash - “Eat Your Makeup”
  • FlyinFisch - “Always Dreaming”
  • Gangway Fathead - “Gangway Fathead”
  • Gangway Fathead - “One Extreme To Another”
  • Gangway Fathead - “Synusor Dye”
  • Jed Davis - “The Cutting Room Floor”
  • Jefferson Thomas - “Barbarian's Ballroom”
  • Jefferson Thomas - “Heavy Rotation”
  • Kite - “Thirteen Degrees North”
  • liquid - “ep”
  • liquid - “Snapshot”
  • Lost Romance - “The Light And The Dark”
  • Magnet - “WDST Session”
  • Rayz Hell - “Wolves I Lead”
  • Renee Ruth - “HyperBlue”
  • Roland Ruby - “Damn You *Roland Ruby!”
  • Skinner Box - “Live @ Wetlands”
  • Tom Humbert - “The Way Of Life”
  • Wax - “NYC”

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