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For your professional contributions in WIKIPEDIA. And for your accomlishments in real life! GK tramrunner 02:39, 23 December 2006 (UTC)



My name is Paul, I work on a number of open-source projects. I specialize in web design and localization.

My goals for Wikipedia are to correct errors or unclear phrasing, and to make more articles available/bring existing articles up-to-date into Russian. The Russian-related goals have taken a total back seat at this point, so I'm mostly rewording passages. Every so often I actually write my own material from scratch.

User History[edit]

Many years ago, at some point in the late 1990s, I had come across the Wikipedia website and stumbled upon a sort of "spirit of Wikipedia" webpage, which discussed the whole concept of what is an encyclopedia that everyone can edit and the problems/benefits arising out of the concept. At the time, I found the concept great in theory, and even looked at a few articles on things that I knew at the time. After the incident, Wikipedia retreated into the faraway regions of my memory

A couple of years after this initial interaction, I came across the site again, recalling the concepts that I had read about a couple of years earlier. At this point, however, I had a sudden urge to join in the fun. I started making some minor edits, mostly on grammar. Then, while doing various research projects during my senior year of high school, I decided that I wanted to get all the credit that I can get for my work, and signed up for an account. I have been making edits ever since.

The peak of my contributions happened in 2006, both on Wikipedia and the Commons (in uploading images for the latter). All of the work that I upload there is licensed under a custom license of mine, {{lensovet}}. After a couple of edit wars, and increasing demands from college classwork, my contributions have dropped off significantly, such that over the past two years, I have probably made less than 100 edits total. We'll see what the future holds, though.

Meaning of username[edit]

The name is a actually a word in Russian – Ленсовет. The Russian word is a portmanteau of two words, Leningrad and Sovet. The first, obviously, is the name of the city of Leningrad, while the second is a regular Russian word meaning council. The Lensovet was the city council of Leningrad during the Soviet era. Its modern-day successor is the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Законодательное собрание Санкт-Петербурга.

My dad had originally chosen the name back in 1998 when he signed me up for my original America Online screenname. While at first I wasn't crazy about the name, it eventually grew on me and is now my first choice of username whenever I sign up on websites, because it's rarely taken.

Some milestones[edit]

Month No. of edits Cumulative edits milestones
2005/1 8 8 1st edit; 2nd edit
2005/2 4 12
2005/3 0 12
2005/4 0 12
2005/5 2 14
2005/6 23 37
2005/7 1 38
2005/8 6 44
2005/9 0 44
2005/10 12 56
2005/11 10 66
2005/12 20 86
2006/1 3 89
2006/2 112 201
2006/3 12 213
2006/4 58 271
2006/5 75 346
2006/6 463 809 500th edit
2006/7 845 1654 1000th edit; 1500th edit
2006/8 125 1779
2006/9 195 1974
2006/10 232 2206 2000th edit
2006/11 263 2469
2006/12 345 2814 2500th edit
2007/1 83 2897
2007/2 17 2914
2007/3 163 3077 3000th edit
2007/4 155 3232
2007/5 57 3289
2007/6 23 3312
2007/07 78 3390
2007/08 7 3397
2007/09 36 3433
2007/10 15 3448
2007/11 7 3455
2007/12 18 3473
2008/01 9 3482
2008/02 11 3493
2008/03 15 3508 3500th edit (I have no idea how to find this now)
2008/04 12 3520
2008/05 1 3521
2008/06 9 3530
2008/07 4 3534
2008/08 7 3541
2008/09 9 3550
2008/10 35 3585
2008/11 17 3602
2008/12 7 3609
2009/01 2 3611
2009/02 3 3614
2009/03 3 3617
2009/04 1 3618
2009/05 1 3619
2009/06 0 3619
2009/07 2 3621
2009/08 0 3621
2009/09 5 3626
2009/10 3 3629
2009/11 3 3632
2009/12 21 3653
2010/01 3 3656
2010/02 2 3658

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Personal biography[edit]

I was born in Leningrad, RSFSR, USSR (present-day St. Petersburg, Russia), where I lived until 1996. At the end of that year, I moved to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, where I spent roughly a year and a half before moving to Chatham Township, New Jersey. I graduated from CHS in 2005, and embarked on a cross-country road trip with my dad in the summer of that year. Currently, I live in Granada Hills, California when I'm not in college, and I attend the University of California, Berkeley during the academic year.

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