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I'm a teen who reads a lot, knows a lot, talks a lot, and sadly never knows when to stop. I was born in Lebanon, but I'm doing my best not to die there (many close shaves there). Hopefully I'll hitch (done!) a ride with the Harvard crowd and go on to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional astrophysicist / programmer / geneticist / neuroscientist / mathematician.

Note: I hereby fully, completely, totally, and redundantly dissociate myself from the Lestat de Lioncourt you can read about in the Vampire Chronicles. I do not condone vampiric behavior in any way (or satan worship cults or whatever). I am a strong adherent to the pacifist leave-me-alone philosophy.

Some information I could've said with userboxes (I have a page full of them if you prefer):


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My first edit as a registered user: Posted a comment on Talk:Spermatogenesis.

My 250th edit: Fixed a date in the article Lebanon.

My 500th edit: Created Template:User WPLebanon.

My 1000th edit: Reverted edit-war edits at the Lebanon article.