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About me[edit]

I am a Wikipedian Italian, born in Paola, Calabria reside in Campora San Giovanni and i work in Coreca.I graduated in Accounting since 2005, since 2007 I collaborate with Wikipedia in English and in other editions. My interests vary, from geography to the media, from actors to scientists, medicine, culture, entertainment, religion and various. I have no perfect English, but if I'm wrong I correct it. Now i'm student in Turist Science at University of Calabria.

I have ADHD, but no I Shot down and try to improve my situation, being a Christian believer and practitioner (with some sin), I have faith and hope in something better for the future. What I expect is that one day the invisible have their voices heard, Wikipedia, is the voice of the unseen and the last. One of the reasons why I joined and I work is to give my little contribution and essential affiche even a small village like mine you can find space in the world. Thanks for everything and everyone.

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