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Note: Most of this stuff is a few years old. However, I embrace the person I used to be, and refuse to delete any of this, so just keep in mind that this was written by a younger me when reading it.

General Information[edit]

LoganTheGeshrat lives in Florida, and thouroughly enjoys using cultural references on the various forums he attends. His name comes from Geshrats, fictional creatures in Clive Barker's series The Books of Abarat.


Logan has a variety of attacks that he uses whenever he needs to.

  • The Super-Awesome Free Spirit Punch- Logan's ultimate attack. It is a gigantic, white, transparent hand that punches the enemy. Logan has suggested that it is powerful enough to kill Sasuke Uchiha (At least if he's weakened).
  • The Double Car Stuntman Slam- Logan has never actually done this attack, but according to him, it goes like this: "Okay, let's say I have super-strength. Now, two cars are in the air, having just come off of a jump or something in a car chase. I would be in the car in the back, while the guy I'm chasing would be in the front. I would get on top of the car, run down it and jump. I would do a flip in the air, and while I'm flipping I would grab the car - Remember I have super-strength - and smash it down right on the other one!!!! It would be AWESOME!!!!"
  • The Jackhammah - Logan wraps a piece of rotten cheese around the end of a Jackhammer, turns the Jackhammer on, and shoves in an opponent's mouth, giving them "A bad taste in their mouth, with a complementary serving of DEATH!!!!"
  • Happy Birthday Attack - An attack that can only be done on the opponent's birthday, where Logan fires cupcakes out of a grenade launcher while dressed in camouflage and "really cool sunglasses".
  • Car Crash Attack - Sometimes known as the "Beach Boys Attack", when Logan announces this attack, in a Bobobo-like fashion, he is transported into a blue car that looks to be from the 70's, and is wearing his Logan Suit(discussed later in the article), with sunglasses. The song "Kokomo", by The Beach Boys is playing on the radio. Logan, singing along to the song and driving with one hand, is completely oblivious to the opponent's presence-Until he crashes into them, after which he leans his head to the side with a bewildered look on his face,says "Huh?", and lifts up his sunglasses to see what's going on. This motion cancels the attack, and in a poof, Logan is back to wherever he was before, and wears what he was previously wearing.


Fangirl-bot is a creation of Logan's, a robot whose looks and personality resemble that of the modern fangirl. She speaks in a robotic voice and uses strange linguistics (she never uses conjunctions). Her attacks depend on the personality of the person she is targeting. If the target is a male, Fangirl-bot will fall in love with them and "hug" them into submission. If the target is female, Fangirl-bot will yell something to the effect of "YOU SHALL NOT HAVE THAT PERSON OF WHICH MY DESIRE IS TARGETED!", and attack the target with kicks and punches. The ferocity of these attacks can also depend on the looks of the target. If the target is a non-good-looking female, the attacks will be less ferocious, and more ferocious if the female target is good-looking. If the target that Fangirl-bot is ordered to attack is a non-good-looking male, her attacks can be unpredictable, and sometimes not even attacks at all.

Writings and Fanfictions[edit]

Logan often totes himself as a "seriously doing it" writer, and has tried to write his own book series, Grey Ops., the first subsection of this part of the article.

  • Grey Ops. - A novel that Logan envisioned as the first in a series, about the titular secret government task force, and one relatively normal (the the rest of the members) man named John Gracam (pronounced Gracehm, very fast) who joins their ranks. After having not written it for awhile, Logan decided that he would stop writing it because the plot elements didn't fit together too well and it was too short for how long into it Logan was (it has since occurred to Logan that a lot of writing in books is "filler", though not necessarily complete bullcrap that's just thrown in there, things that enrich the plot but aren't key to its progression). However, Logan has recently been thinking about a new idea based on two characters from the project. The idea is really the story of how the two characters (who are best friends) met and how they got into the Grey Ops. by defeating a murderous vampire. The tentative title is Sammy and Stone vs. The Vampire.
  • Attack of the Pillgrims - Is a "novel" written for Logan's fifth grade class that he considers to be his true first work in the writing field. It focuses on Joel "Stretch" Adams, a boy who is part of a secret organization dedicated to fixing problems in the past (a mechanic used in many fictional stories). He, along with his partner Jason and new team member Dave, go back in time to stop space aliens from capturing all of the original settlers in the United States. The title of this story comes from the word "pill", which is sometimes used to describe someone that is annoying.
  • The Icy Hands of Death - A short horror story written by Logan for an English class. It is especially unique because the title was one of three titles that Logan was required to choose for his story. Thus, Logan had to base the plot of the story off of the title, not vice-versa like writers normally do. This story centers around a nameless title character living in a future where Death is, in fact, a real being, and its severed hand replaces the protagonist's own, much to his surprise.
  • The (Not So) Awesome Adventures of Verkozam - A fanfiction which Logan says his his first "official" writing, about a cyclopian Mamodo who travels with his partner, Logan himself, to fight other Mamodos in the battle to be King of their world. After a few episodes, Logan decided to stop writing this fanfiction and moved on to others. Verkozam, or "Verk" was used less and less by Logan, and in 2009 was "retired" from use in RPG threads, which means Logan will not directly use him anymore.
  • The Slacker Mamodo King - Logan's second Zatch Bell fanfiction and second consecutive fanfiction, this was his first and only one-shot (divided into two episodes), featuring Gofis, brother of Zatch Bell villan Zofis, and Mamodo King. Though obviously a slacker, Gofis is actually extremely powerful, as shown when he crushes another mamodo (with reason, mind you) with a gigantic ball of purple energy. He can eventually be persuaded to leave his throne room, "Though you usually need some Hookers with you." as Logan has said. The first part of this fanfiction features insights into Gofis' daily life, and the second sees him on a visit to the Mamodo Prison to give a press conference. It was well-received amongst the members of the "Zatch Bell: Card Battle!" forums, which this, along with the above and below fanfictions were all posted on.
  • Zatch Bell: Behind the Scenes - By far Logan's most well-received and popular fanfiction, this chronicles how Zatch Bell is actually filmed, the main character being "The Director", a perpetually-annoyed-but-actually-quite-nice man who, obviously, directs the series. This fanfiction was written in a mockumentary style, revealing more about the character's daily lives, and some disturbing facts. This fanfiction had something that Logan would never do again: Mini-Episodes. These were small bits that weren't directly related to the fanfiction. Two of the three Mini-Episodes written can rightfully be considered the pilot for....
  • Thrash: Alm and Gelios' Rise to Power - Logan's first fanfiction written on, about two Mamodo using their money from and acting gig on Zatch Bell to start a band named Thrash. This series contains various throwbacks to other anime, including Cowboy Bebop and Naruto. These two are especially worth mentioning, because two members of the band are descendents of characters from each of these anime. It has five episodes so far, one of which is split into two parts, and its episodes usually take the longest for Logan to write.
  • The Ultra-Mega Super Awesome Teen Titans Fanfic Extravaganza or Smells Like Titans Spirit - A fanfiction based on the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans, and is written in a very strange style. It started out as a comedy, but then got more serious, and, after an off-kilter sixth episode, Logan decided to focus his writing energies on the comedy of the fanfic. The fanfic has ended with eight episodes.
  • Clash of the Teens: Release The Krapen - The sequel to TUMSATTFE, as the previous fanfic is called by Logan. In it, old villains return under a new guise after hearing that Robin and Starfire have publically announced their relationship. It has three episodes so far, but Logan is the process of writing the fourth one. Logan considers it to be much more balanced in terms of seriousness and comedy compared to the first one. Its episodes also have the longest average length of all of his fanfictions.
  • St. Lucifer's College for Daemons of the Nether - Logan's most ambitious fanfiction project so far, Daemons is a crossover that stars Lord Loss of the Demonata series and Zant (then a servant) from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It has many other characters and elements from different series, and it mainly focuses on the nature of demons.


  • The Suit - The Logan Suit is a white tuxedo that Logan usually wears, or, at least, likes to think he wears all the time. It comes with a white undershirt (tie not included) and white shoes.
  • The Van - A red Volkswagon, the van that Logan uses to get around was loaned to him indefinitely by a woman only known as Victoria (though she changes her name every so often), and has been used in various RPG threads around different forums, most notably the popular Road Trip!!!, created by Logan. Since the end of that thread it was used less and less, and now it has been transferred to the top of a new, house-sized Volkswagon (now called the Super-Volk) given to Kishoto (one of Logan's characters for use on RPGs) by a mamodo named Vash. The Van was more recently removed from the top of the Super-Volk to be driven by Kishoto and his Mamodo Battle partner Ashley for a racing RPG.

A Message From Logan[edit]

Hello, fellow Wikipedians! First and foremost, let me state that you, the reader, shouldn't be taking this too seriously. Which would definitely start the first point of the whole big thing: Seriousness on Wikipedia. This isn't the most important of what I'd like to talk about here, but what really concern you Wikipedians should be put first as so you guys can see what matters to you before you see what matters to me. So, Wikipedians need to be serious, right? But I find that sometimes, Wikipedians are too serious, which can sometimes hurt their relations to other Wikipedians. This happens a lot of times in a lot of places. This is a recent example, during the time where the page in question was being changed (due to a decision from most of the editors) to remove the "spells".

"*Please whoever is changing the page, and taking away the spells of the mamodo stop. Jason Garrick 21:27, 22 October 2007 (UTC)

  • Why are you encouraging people to leave fancruft? JuJube 21:29, 22 October 2007 (UTC)
  • I can't believe the spells are even considered fancruft. The spells are what make up the show!! Jason Garrick 21:32, 22 October 2007 (UTC)
  • Funny, I thought it was the characters and writing. JuJube 21:37, 22 October 2007 (UTC)"

See that? That could have been a short conversation, explaining that the users had made unanimous decision to change the page and he wasn't there to see it, then explaining why the characters and not the spells were so important to the show, and, if the arguing user replied again, to explain more. But no, JuJube (who can take this offense to this if he wants) had to be mean about it, and even his first reply was insinuating that the other person was stupid and didn't know what he was talking about. And then, when the other user posted again with his beliefs, JuJube again replied in a mean and stuck-up way. Why do users have to be like this? If people didn't fight, Wikipedia would be a much better place, and (see the talk page for Super Smash Brothers Brawl), it's usually the longstanding editors of the page in question that really start the fight, not the member making a suggestion. Another example of this is that a dyslexic user (I don't remember the name) said on his Userpage that people kept insulting him and calling him a n00b and such because of his mistakes on pages. Why couldn't they have just undid or changed the edit and gave an explanation why? Wikipedians don't have to be serious about everything, and some fights can be settled much quicker if they aren't.