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{{Dynamic list of songs}}

Here is a list of songs that appear in films but not in the films' corresponding soundtrack albums.

Included in list are:

  • Songs that don't play in the final production but are credited (A * denotes that, however, prefixes am n after the * will denote that it is not in the soundtrack album as well.
  • Songs that are actually played in the film, but aren't credited (A c will denote that, however suffixing an s after the c will denote that it is also not in the notable soundtrack album).

Excluded from list are:

  • Mentions of films (in conjunction with the songs played in them) which don't have a notable soundtrack album. However, some exceptions apply according to the denoted items aforementioned in the Included in list section.
  • Items that are not on IMDb's soundtrack listing, unless it's not on the film's soundtrack album (i.e. only if the film has a soundtrack album).
  • Songs not played in the film but played in the theatrical trailer, unless it applies to the list inclusion guidelines.
  • Movie dialogue.
  • Traditional songs.
  • Television series, which produce too many occurrences of songs not on the soundtrack album.

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