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Please, if I made anything wrong, feel free to tell me.
Do ye enjoin right conduct on the people, and forget (To practise it) yourselves, and yet ye study the Scripture? Will ye not understand?Al-Bakarah:44 - wha?!

See my articles-I-have-created list may be?

I am currently trying to familiarize myself more to api.php. I code PHP pretty well, but need more familiarization with api.php in order to create a bot. So, please, if you are an experienced user and have made a bot before/is making a bot/will make a bot or have any form of experience in bots, contact me. Thanks in advance...

I'm Mohamed Magdy. I live in Naser City, Cairo, Egypt. I'm Egyptian, 17 year-old. And eager to get my driving license in 2 months!

I really want to learn German language.

I always try to be friendly to users and I enjoy welcoming new users.

I'm from Egypt.

I want to visit: ItalyFranceDenmarkSwedenGermanyUnited KingdomUnited StatesGreeceLebanonSaudi ArabiaSpainCanadaIceland

Going to write more next, see you.



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