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Michael F. Mehnert, born on April 26th 1971 lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Username & Signature[edit]

My username NervousEnergy was taken from Iain M. BanksThe Culture.

Among the quiet stars in the cast of his novels are the artificial intelligences called "Minds"—who are the personalities of the autonomous and self-aware infrastructure of The Culture. Some of them are starships and among those it's a custom to choose witty names for themselves. One of these Ships is the GCU[1] Nervous Energy, who appears at the beginning of the novel Consider Phlebas.

My signature xGCU NervousEnergy is a reference to the communication between those ships, as it is rendered in the novel Excession. The prefix "x" signifies the sending ship, the receiving ship is prefixed with an "o":

[tight beam, M16.4, rec. @n4.28.856.4903]
xGSV Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The
  oEccentric Shoot Them Later
Is it just me, or does something smell suspicious about all this?


  1. ^ GCU = General Contact Unit
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