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The Gary And Dino Show
Hosted by Gary Zabransky
Dean 'Dino' DeMilio
Genre Comedy
Language English
Updates Weekly
Length 3 hours (approximate)
Original release 10 May 2010 – present
Provider New Normal Network

The Gary And Dino Show is a weekly podcast done by Gary Zabransky and Dean 'Dino' DeMilio. The show started in 2010 and was the first project of The New Normal Network, a company created by Tom Leykis. Leykis credits the show with being one of the reason his talk show has been able to do so well, as it kept the company relevant in his listeners' minds while he was unable to do his show for a three year period. At first it was a daily show posted for free but has since become a weekly show that can only be listened to if you pay.


Gary Zabransky is currently the Executive Producer on The Tom Leykis Show.

Dean 'Dino' Demilio is the Associate Producer for The Tom Leykis Show.

Guests and Segments[edit]

Every week Frankie MacDonald calls in on Skype to give a weather report. Other notable guests have been Tom Leykis, Jon Taffer, the Naked Wizard, Antoine Dodson, Shot Gun Tom Kelly and porn stars Ron Jeremy and the King of Cream.

Two regular guest segments are The Rodney Report and Bobby's Porn Review.

Bransky's Blue-Collar Brew Review is a segment where Gary Zabransky drinks blue-collar beer, first starting off ice cold and then letting them get to room temperature. Most of the time the beers do not hold up when not chilled.

Don't Be Stupid is the final segment of the show. Using submissions from listeners, Gary and Dino share news stories where people have not been the brightest. Some stories include a woman getting fired from her day care job before her first day because she posted that she hated children, bank robbery posted on Instagram, flakka related incidents, and so on.