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2015-09-5 Saturday 08:55
The first minute of the rest of your life...

Some of my background you'll be able to find on my home page.
— 2004-01-28 —
I do not attend on a day-by-day basis, as my job does not allow this.
That doesn't imply that I will not stay with things I've started...

And, as Anthere has suggested: "I like you".

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Picture of the day
Maxima clam

The maxima clam (Tridacna maxima) is a species of bivalve found throughout the Indo-Pacific. It is found on the surface of reefs or sand, or partly embedded in coral (as with this specimen), in the oceans surrounding east Africa, India, China, Australia, Southeast Asia and the islands of the Pacific. This clam is much sought after in the aquarium trade, as its often striking coloration—the result of crystalline pigment—mimics that of the true giant clam.

Photograph: Alexander Vasenin
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