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Pretzels Pretzel.jpg Forever

Wikipedia Forever template

Choose any configuration for your personal fundraising banner:

  • 1st parameter: _________ Forever (defaults to the base page name)
  • 2nd parameter: Image name (non-free images will get removed) (defaults to Wikipedia puzzle globe)
  • 3rd parameter: Replaces the word "Forever" (defaults to "Forever")

Don't forget to add your creation to the Hall of Fame!


Hall of Fame

ARTHROPODS Calliphora sp Portrait.jpg FOREVER
RACCOONS Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) in Northwest Indiana.jpg FOREVER
Katamari [[|75px]] Forever
HOUSE SPARROWS House Sparrows mating I IMG 0066.jpg FOREVER
ORYZOMYINES Nephelomys devius skull Bangs.png FOREVER
Banners Wikipedia-logo.png Forever
Stars and Stripes Stars and Stripes Forever 1.jpg Forever          
Wu-Tang 75px Forever
Batman 75px Forever
X-Men 75px Forever
Young 75px Forever
Duke Nukem 75px Forever
ATV Logo ATV.png Forever