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Scientia potentia est[edit]

I love Wikipedia, so maybe I live a double life.

As a young boy in 1966, my subscription to Children's Digest included serialized installments of The Adventures of Tintin. Reading it monthly, a single Tintin book took an entire year to read. Somehow that would make each books' unfolding denouement even more of a big deal. These serializations introduced the boy reporter to me, as well as to a few thousand other young readers in the US. Later, a family friend loaned us the entire library of Tintin books—despite the unlikelihood that an American would own any of them—greatly furthering my interest in Tintin. I joined Wikipedia in 2006 and began reading the English literature about Tintin, while keeping an eye on the Tintin files and articles (there are over 100 of them; occasionally going through tumultuous wiki-dramas of their own). At other times, working with other fine editors, I attempt to improve them, and other Wikipedia files and articles, when I can.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to use my talk page.

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  • Numerous articles improved and created
  • Numerous discussions attended
  • Numerous new users welcomed (or warned) via WP:Twinkle
  • Numerous consistent edits applied via WP:AWB
  • Numerous cases of vandalism reverted via WP:STiki and with WP:Rollback
  • Numerous Manual of Style improvements to articles made via User:Ohconfucius/scripts

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