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User:Alpha Monarch

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User: Alpha Monarch

Alpha Monarch
Custodian of Wikipedia
— Wikipedian  —
Crown of Orléans.svg
Name Monarch
Born Garden of Eden, Paradise
Country Earth
Languages English and Aramaic
Race Caucasian
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Account statistics
Joined 16 June 2014 (2014-06-16)
(&&&&&&&&&&&011953 years)
Permissions Contributor
Signature  MONARCH Talk to me

Hi! I'm “Alpha Monarch” (English pronunciation: /ˈmɒnək/; mononymously known as MONARCH) and I joined Wikipedia in early 2007 as an infrequent editor and switched to different IP addresses and I preserved the contributions while editing as IP user, but never involved in vandalising articles as an IP User. I currently participate Article for Creation, involved in reverting vandalism and reviewing articles with edit protection. I'd also help other editors on improving their articles, Although I'm happy to contribute to the articles that are newly established by newcomers and experienced users. If you need further assistance/or advice you're welcome to drop a message at my talk page.

Article for creation review process[edit]

As a Reviewer, I participate to the Article for Creation. In an event if your article(s) may be declined by me. If you feel that I have mistakenly declined your article that cited with reliable sources, enduring with policies and guidelines. You can drop a message on my talk page to seek a reason on why I have declined your article from publication to the main-space.

The articles which I won’t give a reply for declining are:

  • If your article doesn’t have any reliable sources
  • If your article doesn’t follow the basic layout of WP:MOS
  • If your article doesn’t have any notability or significance of claim
  • If your article faces strong criticism from other reviewers that was previous declined

The articles which I will give a reply for decline are:

  • If your article has at least one reliable source but doesn’t have a secondary source
  • If your article follows basic layout based on WP:MOS but need help/suggestion with improving the layout
  • If your article didn’t pass WP:GNG, then I will give other suggestions that pass WP:GNG and acknowledges WP:RS


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