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I've been a member of Wikipedia since Feb 2007, and can be found studying Physics at Durham University. Apart from Physics, my other obsession is the USA, where I hope to live (soon after I graduate from university). I've fairly recently become interested in politics, both in the United States and in the UK.

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Great World Cities I've visited[edit]
Boston, Massachusetts
I listen to[edit]
Other interests[edit]
  • Maps:
    • I'm very interested in the geography of the US and have countless maps of the country, including wall maps, political maps, several road atlases of the nation and of some states, street atlases of various cities (I especially like Boston and Los Angeles - the stories of their development are fascinating), and numerous free maps from holidays there.
    • I love British maps; I have a surfeit of road atlases of various ages documenting the development of the motorway system, as well as a modest but growing collection of Ordnance Survey maps, mostly of areas in the North West and west of London.
    • I'm starting to become interested in collectable antique maps but fiscal restraint has prevented any purchases so far.
  • Piano
  • Photography
  • And Physics, apparently