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Sawadee krap! (Hello!) I am Rlevse. My main interests here on Wikipedia are building and helping others to build the encyclopedia in a positive environment. As you know, that’s sometimes easier said than done, but if we all cooperate to build the encyclopedia, it can be done and wiki can become a model for international cooperation. My main topics of interest are Scouting, History, Culture and article improvement. My wife, JoJo, is from Thailand, so I am interested in Thai articles too. I was a Russian linguist in the U.S. Navy but am now retired from the Navy and work as a computer systems administrator. I hold A+, Security+, CISSP, and a few other certifications in the IT field. I also speak some German, Japanese, and Thai. There is more about me on my about page.

My history on wikipedia: First edit as an IP — Nov 03, 2005; created my Rlevse account — Nov 15, 2005; became an admin on Feb 27, 2007; became an arbitration clerk in November 2007; became a Commons admin Dec 7, 2007; became a bureaucrat on Jul 29, 2008; became a checkuser on Oct 06, 2008; officially designated an arbitrator on Dec 20, 2008; became an oversighter on Dec 22, 2008. 2008 was quite year for me! I became a member of the OTRS team on Jun 28, 2009. If you need help in any of those areas, let me know.

I am one of the founders of Scouting WikiProject, created the Scouting Portal (the 8th Featured Portal on WP). According to this page, I am the 110th highest contributor to Wikipedia as of September 29, 2010 — and I don't run bots either. My user page is the 19th most watched. I have the global account (SUL) Rlevse.

My user page has been vandalized 36 times so far, then a wiki gnome protected it.

The only essay about wiki you'll ever need

Wikiholic jokes
  • If you spend more time on wiki than making love, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you think of Huggle when someone says Hubble, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you see [[ ]] when someone talks about links, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you create Wikiholic jokes, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you hope you get a WP:Barnstar for using WP:Twinkle when you hear “Twinkle, Twinkle, little star...”, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you think this New York Times article on Wikipedia is interesting, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you know what “FT2-itis” is, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you see "wikiholic" and try to work out its chemical structure, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If your idea of an exciting Saturday night are the wiki channels on IRC or Skype, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you take your camera with you knowing you will upload the photos to WikiCommons, you might be a Wikiholic!
  • If you have to use the Wikibreak enforcer to force yourself to keep your wikibreaks, you ARE a Wikiholic!
  • If you become an arbitrator on en wiki, you ARE a Wikiholic!
  • If you stalk other people's talk pages all day, you ARE a Wikiholic!
  • ...

Dog The Teddy Bear.jpg

“Dog” The Teddy Bear

"Dog" is a legitimate alternate account of mine

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