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WikiBreak Enforcer is a script that prevents a user from logging in before a certain date, to help enforce a wikibreak. If the user logs in, they are automatically logged back out, but can still view or edit from the mobile interface, or as a logged out user through their IP address.

How to Use

  1. Copy the code under Script below between /*** BEGIN WIKIBREAK ENFORCER ***/ and /*** END WIKIBREAK ENFORCER ***/.
  2. Paste the code on your user JavaScript page, and then change the lines starting with var date and var time to reflect the time you want your break to end (local time). The var date line defines the date your break will end, while the var time defines the time on that day that your break will end. For example, for a break ending at 8:22 pm on 6 February 2019, one would enter the settings:
    	var date = { year: 2019, month: 2, day: 6 };
    	var time = { hours: 20, minutes: 22, seconds: 0 };
  3. Save the edited user JavaScript page.
     Note: Previewing your edit will log you out, but will not implement the enforcer.
  4. Purge the page. If successful, you will be logged out.
  5. That's it: enjoy your wikibreak! 🙂


$(document).ready(function() {

	/*** Start editing here ***/

	// When you want to end your break?
	// no leading zeroes. (example: 9 - correct, 09 - incorrect)

	var date = { year: 2008, month: 2, day: 6};
	var time = { hours: 20, minutes: 22, seconds: 0 };

	/*** Stop editing here ***/
	var currentDate = new Date();
	var enforcedBreakEnd = new Date(
	if (currentDate <= enforcedBreakEnd) {
		alert("Enforced wikibreak until "+enforcedBreakEnd.toLocaleString()
			+ "\n(now is "+currentDate.toLocaleString()+")\n\nBye!");
		location = "//""/w/index.php?title="
			+ "Special:Userlogout&returnto=Main_Page";

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