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This page is a list of secessions and micronations within and relating to, and historic or imaginative alternatives to, the United States of America.

Secession to Create New States[edit]

See Also: 51st state

Superior (proposed state)

Jefferson (proposed U.S. state)

State of Franklin

State of Lincoln

D.C. Statehood

New Columbia

New York City secession

Upstate New York's Statehood Movement

Eastern Shore of Maryland


Nataqua Territory

State of Sequoyah

Texas divisionism

Puerto Rico

Actual 'Created' States

Also: State of Kanawha

Micronations in the United States[edit]

See: Micronation


Republic of New Africa

Republic of Molossia


Kingdom of EnenKio

"Serious" Secessionist Movements[edit]

Californian independence

Second Vermont Republic

Hawaiian sovereignty movement

Alaskan Independence Party


Humorous Secessionist Movements[edit]

Conch Republic

International Secession Movements or Theories[edit]

Nine Nations of North America


Jesusland and The United States of Canada

Historic Alternatives to the United States[edit]

Areas eventually annexed by the United States

Republic of Texas

See Also: Republic of Texas (group)

Republic of West Florida

California Republic

Vermont Republic

Republic of Indian Stream

Actual Secession

Confederate States of America

Republic of Winston
Winn Parish, Louisiana

Secessionist Movements (While Remaining in the United States)[edit]

Meaning, not sttempting foreign country or 51st state status
See also Urban secession

San Fernando Valley

City of Greater New York

New York City secession

Killington, Vermont secession movement

List of U.S. county secession proposals

Northwest Territorial Imperative

Maritime Republic of Eastport

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