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Musical career[edit]

Early Years (2001-2002)[edit]

S.H.E released their first album on September 11 2001. The album was called Girls Dorm (Chinese: ????) in memory of the dormitory that S.H.E lived in for a few months prior to the album's release. The album ended up selling approximately 150,000 units.[1]

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Three days after the album's release, S.H.E held their first ever outdoor performance in Taipei.[2] Looking back at this phase in S.H.E's career, a reporter remarked that the trio gained notoriety for singing off-key before their subsequent improvement.[3] On November 262001 they went to Japan to guest star in a television show, where they sang "Beauty Up My Life". Japan trip info does not flow with paragraph. A trivial detail that can be omitted.

On January 292002, their second album, Youth Society (Chinese: ??????), was released. On the cover of Girls Dorm, the group was referred to as "S.H.E Girl Friends"; however, since the release of Youth Society, that name has been used much less frequently. You led the reader to the second album. Try not to go backwards and talk about the first album. It disrupts flow. From then on, "S.H.E Girl Friends" became simply "S.H.E".

S.H.E's third album, Genesis (Chinese: ?????), was released on August 5, approximately six months after Youth Society was released. Since they were released only a few months after each other, Youth Society and Genesis appeared to be less original Save this issue for your “lack of originality” section. Don’t repeat your points unless absolutely necessary. Also, just because the album was released shortly after the previous, you cannot interpret on behalf of S.H.E. that it is the reason for its lack of originality.than Girls Dorm. Of the 20 songs in S.H.E's second and third albums, 11 were covers. I had absolutely no idea what these were until I had to do research on my own. There is a wikilink to what “covers” are. But better to avoid it if you can.Nevertheless, Youth Society sold 250,000 units[4] while Genesis sold 180,000[1] - a figure which included 20,000 pre-order sales. preorder figure too trivial to include. If you want to make a point with it, actually say what point you're trying to make. N-age sponsored S.H.E's first major concert in Tainan, date?the N-age Genesis Concert (Chinese: N-age????????), which attracted over 20,000 fans.[5] In return, S.H.E incorporated N-age into some of their music videos. The MV better to use "music video". MV is a term more commonly used in Asian countries while Western places still call them "music videos" in full, at least from what I know. for "Genesis" prominently featured a plane with the N-age brand, while "Watch Me Shine" featured computer animations simulating gameplay in N-age. the computer animations part is a trivial detail. Consider omitting it.

Together (2003-2004)[edit]

On January 23 2003, S.H.E released their fourth album, Together, which was a compilation album featuring four new songs. On April 19, HIM held a "S.H.E/Power Station Big Stars Concert," featuring both titular artists as well as Z-Chen. Despite having already held their own concert in 2002, S.H.E was relegated to opening act status. HIM International, at the time, saw Power Station as its main act.[6] At the concert, S.H.E and Z-Chen performed for a combined 65 minutes before making way for Power Station.[6] On April 16, during the SARS epidemic, Hebe experienced fever-like symptoms on her way home from Singapore.[7] Since Ella was living with Hebe at the time, both were forced into quarantine for 10 days, leaving Selina as the only one in the group who could host Happy Sunday.[8] Despite being suspected of having SARS, Hebe said that her fever had already gone after a day of quarantine. Although she wore a face-mask on her flight back to Taiwan, Hebe speculated that she likely caught a cold, causing the fever that put her in quarantine.[9] Ella and Hebe became increasingly frustrated with living in isolation; unfortunately, they were notified that their quarantine would be extended to 14 days, prompting further misery.[10] On July 29, Ella suffered a hip injury while performing a stunt for Happy Sunday. She was released from the hospital three weeks later, but would not return to group activities until January. On August 222003, the day Ella was discharged from the hospital,

The entire bit about the quarantine is trivia. If you feel you must include it, reduce it to 3 sentences.
As a casual reader (me), I naturally ask “why is this important”? This is tangential to the “story” about
S.H.E. that you are trying to tell. Also, you might like to omit emotional terms like "misery". It sounds
non-encyclopedic. Also, if you mentioned January of next year, don't go back to Aug 22 of 2003.

S.H.E released their fifth album, Super Star. If not for Ella's injury, the album would have been released two weeks earlier, on August 6.[11] During Ella's recuperation period, HIM gave her less demanding roles in the album's music videos, thereby giving Selina and Hebe more face time. During public appearances, Selina and Hebe split Ella's parts as well. To date, the albums Together and Super Star have combined to sell over 580,000 copies;[12] over 250,000 copies of Super Star were sold in Taiwan alone.[13] "Super Star," which was the trio's first pop/rock song, not only stayed on Singapore's YES 93.3 music charts for fourteen weeks, but also stayed in the top four for ten weeks in a row.[14][15] choose the 14-week thing or 10 weeks on top-4 and delete the other. Also, Ella's recuperation is overly detailed.

On February 6 2004, S.H.E released Magical Journey (????) in two different versions: a Magical Version and a Journey Version. Magical Journey went on to sell over 1.5 million copies in all of Asia,[16] including 160,000 copies in Taiwan alone.[1] On June 11, Selina graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University[17] school info is completely out of place with her career in showbusiness. Find some other place for it or remove it.

with a Bachelor of Education degree, majoring in Civic Education and Leadership.[18] On September 4 2004 S.H.E began their first major tour, the Fantasy Land Tour (????), starting in Taipei and ending in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. During their tour, they managed to gather an audience of over 25,000 in Taipei,[19] and subsequently broke an attendance record in Shanghai.[20] The tour's 13 concerts combined to rake in over NTD$22.4 million in gate receipts.[21] Because of Selina's graduation, the release of S.H.E's seventh album, Encore (??), had been pushed to November 12. Nevertheless, Encore sold 1 million units in Asia within one week of its release;[22] since then, that number has reached over 2 million.[23] By the time Encore was due for release, media outlets had already begun labelling S.H.E as "The Number One Girl Group" (??????).[24][a]

Trials and tribulations (2005)[edit]

In spite of their success, Their success has nothing to do with being involved in the political issue S.H.E became involved in the ongoing political debate over the sovereignty of Taiwan. While travelling in Lanzhou, PRC, S.H.E reportedly said that they were not Chinese, but Taiwanese.[25][26] At a time when cross-strait tensions were particularly high, the Mainland Chinese media was furious. HIM International denied the rumours, and went on to say that S.H.E was never even interviewed in Lanzhou.[25][27] Furthermore, on August 6, Selina's father, who frequents S.H.E's discussion board on HIM's website, trivial claimed that S.H.E would never say such things.[28] By the end of October, S.H.E had still not released a studio album, artists release albums when they are ready. Why is not releasing an album in October significant? partially due to the Fantasy Land Tour. The only album that they had contributed to at the time was the wordy Reaching for the Stars OST. The soundtrack started off the word "placed" may sound more professional strong POV at the #2 spot, but immediately fell to #11 three weeks later.[29] The OST would end up unencyclopedic selling only 50,000 copies.[1] Already an entertainment juggernaut in Hong Kong, Twins began sowing the seeds use simple language of competition by released their first mandarin album, Trainee Cupid (????) in the Taiwanese market. Twins attempted to downplay any potential rivalry by stating that they wanted to learn from S.H.E;[30] however, the Hong Kong duo certainly made a statement wordy and not necessary by selling 800,000 copies of Trainee Cupid in two months.[31] In the face of less-than-spectacular drama ratings, losing endorsement deals, and the emerging Twins threat, S.H.E released their eighth album, Once Upon A Time (????), on November 252005. Not to be outdone by Trainee Cupid, Once Upon A Time sold over 1 million copies in Asia,[32] including a record-breaking 50,000 pre-orders.[33] The album debuted on the G-music Chinese language album charts at #1, retained that position for four consecutive weeks, and stayed on the charts for a total of 13 weeks.[34] The music video for "Don't Want To Grow Up," the title track of the album,[b] cost over one million New Taiwanese Dollars, a value that included hiring approximately 20 extras 20 extras is not a lot. why say it? from Brazil, the United States, and Russia, as well as moving 100 trees onto the set to generate a forest effect.[35] Although the music video would not win any awards, Avoid saying what they didn't do. It's like saying "I didn't eat lobster for breakfast today" or "I didn't go to the North Pole today". So what? "Don't Want To Grow Up" would go on to win Song of the Year at Hong Kong's TVB8 Awards.

Forever (2006-present)[edit]

On July 21 2006, S.H.E released their ninth album, Forever. Similar to Together, Forever is a compilation album; however, the latter album has five new songs instead of four. Three of the songs in Forever - "Flowers Have Blossomed", "Star Light", and "A Vision of Eternity" (????) - had not appeared on previous albums, but are in fact from older drama soundtracks: The Rose, Reaching for the Stars, and The Little Fairy (????), respectively. The song "Solo Madrigal" (????), a duet between Selina and Tank (what is this), was initially recorded for the latter artist's debut album, Fighting! (????) say as little as possible about other artists. It distracts from talking about S.H.E.; however, the song would end up finding a place in Forever.We already know it is placed in Forever [36] Hebe also recorded a duet, "Only Have Feelings For You" (??????), with new labelmates Fahrenheit (what is this) for the soundtrack of Tokyo Juliet. The song went on to win several duet-related awards, including Taiwan's Best Duet Song at the 2006 Sprite China Music Awards.[37] Having composed several songs on previous S.H.E albums, such as "Tropical Rainforest" (????) and "River Shore Park" (????), talking about previous albums when talking about this one makes poor flow. I would just omit it or talk about it when you talked about the albums these songs are found in Jay Chou (who is this) penned "Electric Shock" (??) for Forever. In return, Hebe agreed to work with Chou on the music video for his song, "Retreat" (??), as the female lead.[38] However, by having Chou collaborating with them once again, S.H.E became the subject of rumours romantically linking him with Hebe. somewhat trival Nevertheless, 150,000 copies of Forever were sold within a week of the release date.[39]

S.H.E's second major concert tour, The Perfect 3 World Tour (????), commenced on July 82006 in Shanghai, where they set yet another attendance record by filling over 60% of the stadium.[40] It feels a bit strange here. An attendance record to most people should be a sold-out show, yet only the 60% was filled. I have no doubt about this piece of news, but as a reader who knows nothing about how large this stadium is, it's awkward. Things like "filling 60% of the stadium" is really trival. Just omit it. Also, why mention this Shanghai stop and not the others? I know it's an impressive bit of news, but it gives the reader a feeling you're selectively reporting the "good" news to try and impress them. Remember you're NOT trying to convince people to like S.H.E. In order to give maximum exposure to their newest boyband, HIM took the opportunity to promote Fahrenheit during S.H.E's Taipei and Singapore concerts, where Fahrenheit and Hebe sang "Only Have Feelings For You." Mention other people as little as possible. It's distracting. After their Perfect 3 concert in Hong Kong, which was recorded and released as the group's second live CD, S.H.E was commended for their perserverance, amount of dance preparation, and ability to hit their notes.[41]

Following Forever 's release in July, why mention Forever again? when you went on to talk about the Perfect 3 tour, you left the Forever topic already. Don't jump back to it now because it disrupts flow. rumours had circulated around the internet regarding S.H.E's tenth album. On March 30, 2007, The Beijing News reported that S.H.E had begun filming a music video for one of their new album's songs, "Chinese Words."[42] Mere hours later, revealed that the new album would be called Play, quashing contradictory rumours about the album's name.[43] Play was released on May 11.[44] This is an encyclopedia article. It shouldn't discuss rumours unless it affected S.H.E. in a big way, like defaced their image, or something more significant On April 18, S.H.E signed on with WOW Music to further their presence in Hong Kong.[45] You need to explain why signing with WOW furthers their presence in Hong Kong. Don't expect readers to understand why.

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