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G-day from down-under! (in Australia), I am Paul Mitchell and I am nearly 23 years old. I love San Francisco values - Such as; anti-war, pro-same sex marriages (well I am gay and I would love the choice to get married), keep religion completely separate from politics (secularism), pro-choice, philosophy, fully legalise abortions, prostitution and drugs and even more open-door immigration policies. ‘I am a proud moderate-right political activist!’ I am currently doing lots of voluntary work at the moment, however I am both an advocate and activist and have been doing activism in many areas since the 1 May, 2007. I grew up in the western surburbs of Sydney (since 5 December 2005, I live in Gosford for nearly 4 years). I am just “sick and tired” of human rights abuses and “total” injustice. I am part of a large extended family. My political belief is so moderate, it is actually impossible to label me!. In fact the best part of democracy is getting the choice to vote!. I am in seven (7) minority groups; I am a male; I am a P-plate driver; I am under 25, I am an activist (political/social/community/legal/economic/transport/gay rights activist), I am autistic/asperger syndrome, I am gay and I am also an athiest. I also raise a lot of local issues and help out in my local community area as well when I can. Kevin Rudd of the Australian Labor Party - The 26th Prime Minister of Australia is the best (most of the time)! I do not support Kevin Rudd as much (because of his objection to same-sex marriage). However I did vote for Kevin Rudd back in November 2007 and like most of Labors policies and the realistic approaches and values of the Labor Governments. Kevin Rudd has got dignity, full of drama and comedy and is known for his tough-ness and reliability. Also Members of the Labor party are very articulate, very intelligent, clever, or is down to earth - Except for the silly policy on the ban on same-sex marriage. Some Labor achievements have been the fixing of Highways, broardband network roll-out, same-sex de facto reforms, apology to the stolen genarations and the signing of the Kyoto Protocol.


The August 2009 Legal situation regarding the recognition of relationships in Australia:

De facto relationships status Registered relationships status Anti-discrimination legislation Adoption and foster parenting Recognition of parents on birth certificate Access to fertility (such as ART, IVF, surrogacy, AI, etc)
ACT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commonwealth of Australia Yes (Family law) No No (but under review) Yes (Family law) Yes (Family law) Yes (Family law)
New South Wales Yes No Yes No (but under review) Yes Yes
Norfolk Island Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Northern Territory Yes No Yes No (but under review) Yes Yes
Queensland Yes No (by 2010) Yes No (but under review) Yes (by 2010) Yes (surrogacy by 2010)
South Australia Yes No Yes No No No (but under review)
Tasmania Yes Yes Yes Yes (some provisions still discrimatory) Yes (by 2010) Yes (surrogacy by 2010)
Victoria Yes Yes Yes No (but under review) Yes (effective from 1.1.2010) Yes (effective from 1.1.2010)
Western Australia Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

What really gets up my goat is the silly and stupid Mardi Gras is getting payed for by taxpayers and roads and hospital infrustructure is loosing money (roads, hospitals and schools are much more important than a drunk and drugged-up same-sex love fest) - The broke and debts more to the shit-house Rees Labor Government have really got there priorities right again haven't they?

Action needs to be fully implemented and done immediately NOW! – NO MORE reviews, inquiries, audits, procrastination, delays, hold-ups!

Wars are a complete waste of time, money, energy and resources! 80 percent who are killed in wars are just normal people who go about their own daily lives - this is in ralation to the Afgan and Iraq wars!

The Rees Labor Government would rather spend Government funding on the Mardi Gras, then the Pacific Highway, which by the way the Pacific Highway lost about 400 million dollars this year in state Government funding – That is ‘priorities’ for you!

The war-mongering, anti-reform, losers, narrow-minded, silly, embarrassing, stupid, dopy, pathetic, dumb, narrow-minded, scum, arrogant, lying, unintelligent, cheating, dispickable, outdated, out-of-touch, anti-progress, racist, sexist, heterosexist, homophobic, hate-everyone bunch of egotistical Nazi party, called the Liberal Party of Australia. Malcolm Turnbull is a piece of scum who is very rich and arrogant and pretends to like gay people, when he really has a secret agenda against us (he really hates the fuck out of us).

Do not let the Liberal Party of Australia fool you by the word “liberal” - They are in fact NOT liberal at all, in fact their far from it! The Liberal Party are fucking war-mongering, anti-work, anti-reform, anti-gay, neo-Nazi scum cunt! - Because he continually and continually blocks Labor Party reform packages!

"Everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs, so long as those beliefs do not endanger the rights of others".


1. Identify your issue There are a thousand injustices in the world vying for attention. Choose one to campaign on which can be a metaphor for, and a pathway to, broader change, rather than trying to change everyone at once and changing nothing. And;

2. Research your issue You need to have all the basic facts and relevant research about your issue at your finger tips, as well as being familiar with and prepared to rebut the arguments put forward by opponents of change. However, be careful not to load your advocacy down with too many facts and figures. One stat or study per point is more than enough.

"Whatever you do, don’t answer back, don’t argue, and don’t get angry. If you feel like you’re getting angry take some deep breaths, walk away, or move next to a friend who will help you restrain yourself."

With this admonition still ringing in our ears, the doors of the bus opened, we disembarked, collected our placards and banners, and walked toward the community centre or town hall which had, for that night, been selected by human history to play out one of its cruelest contemporary dramas.

For people around the world December 10th is the day of the year most closely associated with human rights. It was on this day in 1948 that the original members of the United Nations, shocked and appalled by the slaughter and genocide of the Second World War, signed the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Remember small groups of people in Australia on the day before International Human Rights Day - has come to symbolise not only for the profound importance of human rights, but how respect for these rights is successfully fostered and enshrined.

ADJOURNMENT Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Speech Dr NELSON (Bradfield) (5.31 p.m.)—I hope that the member for Chifley (Mr Price) does not object: I actually gave a bit of thought to this adjournment speech and wrote a few notes. Now that the emotion is starting to settle down in relation to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that is held in Sydney, I would like to make a few comments about it. I confess to not pulling on my orange lycra shorts to go to the mardi gras. I would like to preface what I have to say, though, by making a couple of serious remarks. My mother lost one of her two sons to AIDS. She did so having done everything she could to instil in both her sons a deeply imbued sense of what was right and wrong. Such is the nature of society that my brother lived with this virus for six years until, in 1990, he summoned the courage to first let me know of his problem and then his parents. It was in that context that a couple of months ago, like most members of the New South Wales community, I became aware of the fact that the police, at that stage at least, had been advised that they would be able to march in the mardi gras and to do so in uniform, and that they would be paid. Subsequently, of course, that decision was changed. There are a couple of points that need to be made. I think that society, in an environment where we are not leading up to the mardi gras, needs to have some serious and perhaps sober discussion about what this event is really all about. I find it a near impossible task to teach my own children what the difference is between what is right and what is wrong. I question whether it is made any easier by having gay and lesbian men and women making quite hurtful parodies of some of the most caring groups in the community—the Sisters of Charity for one—and the state appearing to endorse this kind of behaviour, which under most circumstances we would not accept, whatever the sexuality of the participants. We see politicians from all political parties falling over one another to endorse the mardi gras, to embrace and encourage the gay vote or the gay lobby, and this is seen to be an end which justifies the means. I question whether that is the right thing for us to be doing. As parents—and I am one of them—struggle to explain the difference between what is right and wrong to children in their early teens, I ask: how is this near impossible task assisted in any way by the state appearing to condone a form of behaviour that most of us find difficult to understand, let alone tolerate? At issue, to me at least, is not the sexuality of the participants—it has nothing to do with that—but the hurtful parodies of some of the most caring and sincere groups in the community, public nakedness that borders on indecency, and the performance of acts that few adults could explain to the inquiring minds of children. Were this a dignified parade to protest the cruel injustices and prejudice faced in day to day life by homosexual people, I would be prepared to not only join it but to lead it. In that regard, I must say that I have considerable sympathy for what I understand will be a private member's motion to be brought on by the member for Grayndler (Mr Albanese) in relation to superannuation entitlements for same sex couples. Instead—to me at least—the gay mardi gras stands alongside gambling, drug use, escalating suicide rates, and debates about euthanasia and race, as further evidence of a society that is seriously failing. There is in the end a difference between right and wrong. Homosexual people are our brothers and sisters, our aunts and uncles, our sons and daughters, and some are even parents, and they should be able to live in a society that is free of intolerance, persecution and hatred. Yet they should also understand and respect a societal view that any moral and economic priority should dictate that police and—dare I say—politicians and others who profess to lead should be anywhere other than at a parade such as the mardi gras. I realise that I am probably alienating some of my constitu ents and many others who will now make me a parody and a subject of abuse. But I believe in what I have said and I think that there is a time that many of us who profess to lead stood up and said, `Hang on, why don't you hose yourselves down a bit and behave in a different way?'

“Labor will ensure that all couples who have a mutual commitment to a shared life do not suffer discrimination because they are not married.

“Labor will take action to ensure the development of nationally consistent, state-based relationship recognition legislation that will include the opportunity for couples who have a mutual commitment to a shared life to have those relationships registered and certified.

“This legislation will: Be based on the scheme that has existed in Tasmania since 2004 and that the Victorian Government has announced its intention to introduce; not create schemes that mimic marriage or undermine existing laws that define marriage as being between a man and a woman.”

1. The status quo, i.e. no policy at all. While this is possible it seems unlikely. ALP strategists know the Government wants to wedge Labor on same-sex couples, so rather than let the issue run in unpredictable directions they'll be looking for a policy position the whole Party can fall behind. The question becomes which position?

2. Equal marriage. This will not happen [but it should]. While there’s every reason to believe same-sex marriage is supported by the Party rank and file, the Catholic Right faction is too powerful, and the Vatican too obsessed with the issue, to allow this reform to be discussed, let alone endorsed.

3. UK or NZ-style civil unions. This is only slightly less unlikely. While the incendiary “M” word is absent, the two real political problems are still present: official ceremonies, and the way these ceremonies draw attention to the “conjugal” or sexual element in same-sex relationships.

4. A national version of the Tasmanian relationship registry. The Age seems to think this is the most likely option, presumably because the Tasmanian registry recognises companionate as well as conjugal relationships, and because there’s no room for an official ceremony. However there are two thorny problems here. Firstly, the laws under which the Tasmanian registry was established allow same-sex couples access to parenting rights. They also do away with traditional relationship categories like “marriage” and terms like “husband” and “wife”. Neither of these changes is likely to be endorsed by the ALP Conference. Be sure that if a relationship registry is adopted by Labor it will be anything but the “Tasmanian-style”. Secondly, a national registry could only be established if the states referred their powers over this form of relationship recognition to the Commonwealth, bringing me to the fourth option…

5. Recognition in federal law of couples registered under state or territory schemes. This would be the simplest and easiest policy for Labor to adopt. It would avoid fractious debates about the throwing of confetti and the rights of maiden aunts by leaving it all to the states to decide.

The Press Council of Australia states on it's website a guiding principle that:

Publications should not place any gratuitous emphasis on the race, religion, nationality, colour, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, illness, or age of an individual or group. Nevertheless, where it is relevant and in the public interest, publications may report and express opinions in these areas.

Given I think we're likely to ahve very little success taking up the fight with The West directly, I reckon an avalanche of complaints to the Press Council is the way to go..

When this is the sorry state of public debate in Australia it’s no wonder the nation is slipping further and further behind other western countries on both LGBT human rights and community attitudes to sexual minorities.

There are six sides of politics:

  • Economic freedom
  • Social freedom
  • Free market conservative
  • Liberal democracy
  • Democratic socialist
  • National socialist

Australian Political Quiz

I am an activist and advocate in and on the following areas;

  • Better road performances and productivity in regards to; no or less potholes, better line marking, raising road issues, better safety barriers or wire rope, better road maintenance, better visible signage, road safety and a better formula based economy (FBE) on transport. Also more freeway building/construction both in NSW and the ACT, for a better, prosperous, competitive and productive economy.
  • Raising local community concerns or issues.
  • Raising human rights concerns or issues.
  • Raising and dicussing issues about men's rights.
  • A Republic for Australia, a bill of rights for Australian citizens and the support of the abolishment of ALL state, territory and local Governments or Councils.
  • The legalization of polygamy (including polygyny, polyandry and same-sex polygamy) and gender-neutral marriage(s) and still fully addressing all HLGBT (heterosexual [also known as straight], lesbian, gay male, bisexual and/or transgender) issues based on a civil, economic, social and legal framework.
  • Still provide opposite-sex monogamous marriages (it is NOT under attack)
  • A TOTAL BAN on all political donations to all political parties, regardless
  • Wants much more legislation and regulations that is actually achieviable and productivly works
  • Extremely tough sentences of an absolute minimum of a life sentence in prison, WITHOUT any sort of parole, NO defences, NO excuses and NO special treatment, NO social rights, NO economic rights, and NO civil rights, NO legal rights, NO marriages can be arranged, recognised or performed and absolutely NO organ donations - For ALL convicted paedophiles, murders, arsonists and rapists.
  • Reform to law and order, by sacking the whole of the NSW Police force - Because of vehicle chases, full of corruption, bribes, money laundering, kickbacks, secret gang business dealings, organising child pornography trafficking and drug trafficking syndicates, etc. Also anti-pokies, anti-alcohol, anti-corruption and anti-political correctness, anti-violence and also anti-domestic violence

Who will police the police?

In a media release on 13 May 2008;


The Rudd Government has invested over $925 million in nation-building road and rail projects in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory - including about $157 million to make an early jump-start on election commitments. Urgent action is needed to fix Australia's over-stretched transport networks and build infrastructure to meet the challenges well into the 21st century. That is why getting a head start on $157.3 million worth of projects for NSW that were not due to commence until 2009-10, as well as delivering projects to upgrade interstate transport networks and critical freight corridors. NSW and ACT Budget infrastructure packages will deliver on our election commitments, tackle major bottlenecks and help make our roads safer. The Government will continue to implement its land transport infrastructure election commitments from 2009-10 to 2013-14 with timing and specific funding arrangements to be negotiated with the states and territories.

New South Wales

Our $157.3 million to make an early start on NSW election commitments includes:

  • $100 million to start construction of the Ballina bypass on the Pacific Highway;
  • $15 million to begin construction of the Bulahdelah bypass on the Pacific Highway. This project will help deliver four lanes from Sydney to the Port Macquarie turnoff;
  • $13.6 million to start building the Alstonville bypass, clearing a bottleneck between Ballina and Lismore and getting trucks out of the town;
  • $3 million for a Grain Rail Task Force that will see industry and governments work together to develop viable long-term solutions to grain transport in NSW;
  • $20.2 million to upgrade the Great Western Highway from the M4 at Penrith to Katoomba;
  • $2.4 million for the planning of the upgrade of the Katoomba to Lithgow section of the Great Western Highway;
  • $0.8 million for a comprehensive study into the transport needs of the Lower Hunter Region, in conjunction with New South Wales.

* $1 million for a study of the transport needs of the Central West; and

  • $1 million for planning a Bega bypass.

Overall, the Government's investment in New South Wales transport infrastructure in 2008-09 allocates:

  • $576.0 million for construction projects and maintenance on the 8,134 kilometres of road and rail National Land Transport Network;
  • $35.0 million for 57 AusLink Strategic Regional projects promoting regional development;
  • $98.4 million for local roads under the Roads to Recovery Program which is in addition to the $167.3 million allocated to roads under Federal Financial Assistance Grants;
  • $0.7 million under the Roads to Recovery Program for local roads in the unincorporated areas of the state;
  • $15.3 million to eliminate 78 road safety 'black spots'; and
  • $13.6 million for non-AusLink roads.

Australian Capital Territory

The Rudd Government will allocate $19.6 million to the ACT in 2008-09. This includes:

  • $0.5 million for maintenance of the 15 kilometres of road on the National Land Transport Network;
  • $0.6 million to eliminate five road safety 'black spots'; and

* $18.5 million for roads under federal Financial Assistance Grants.

The Labor Government has "very clearly" shown for all to see, that all transport infrastructure building is vital to a better and productive economy and that discrimination of LGBT people is still very much entrenched in the Labor party with its policy to ban gay marriage (despite support form nearly 60 percent of the population "in favour of allowing gays the right to get married") - Kevin Rudd and/or most of the Australian Labor Party have demonstrated in a very clever, ro-bust fasion, formal, understood, clear-cut manner way that they do very much care about all minority groups most of the time and this is the man who had the guts to sign the Kyoto Protocol and say sorry to Indigenous Australians. The Australian Labor Party Platform (ALPP) have provided this policy;

All Australians should get behind reform and change some parts of society especially in Australia about certain STUPID, "silly" or "outdated" laws or legislation in provisions, statutes, freedom of speech, traffic, politics, Human Rights abuses on women, Asylum Seekers and LGBT people in Australia.

Also the Marriage Act 1961 that bans same-sex marriage will stay as it is. However there is -

  • De facto/domestic partnership recognition of same-sex couples in most state and federal statutes (including registered/domestic partnerships in TAS, ACT and VIC).
  • Equal access to and/or easing restrictions on; adoption of children, foster parenting, IVF, ART (assisted reproductive technology), surrogacy and/or other ART resources.
  • Federal protection from discrimination and vilification - (Coming soon).
  • Addressing homophobia or heterosexism in education.
  • Consultation with the wide GLBT community.

There is still discrimination against gay men and lesbians in legislation:


  • Adoption Act 2000 No 25 (the only NSW law that discriminates against gay men and lesbians)

Federal/Commonwealth Government:

  • Marriage Act 1961 (Dispite 60% of Australians supporting Same-sex marriage, Galaxy Poll, June 2009)
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984 by quoting de facto spouse meaning opposite-sex couples

I am also a roadgeek campaigning for a better and consistent minimum 4-lane road or dual carriageway standard with grade separated interchanges, under new 21st century infrastructure policies and funding (commencing in the May Budget of 2008/09) on the;

Sometimes I ponder about the Country of Australia I was born in, is really an “otter most embarrassment and sham” for being “way behind” in other western countries regarding broadband integrated networks, proper infrastructure to “strengthen" the economy much further to be more competitive on utilities and roads, freight movements on transport, LGBT rights and plenty more. This will all change under a Labor Goverment. Comedy, free speech, the issues with/of Global Warming and the weather are my interests and hobbies as well. Another thing that "really annoys me" is that a couple of Australians are currently in Prison without charge, justified reasoning and/or adequate proof, because of the so-called controversial "terror laws" - Examples are of; Ali B Humayun, a homosexual detainee at the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney (now released) and putting people in Jail for Jaywalking, etc. Not forgetting the the former Howard Goverment was left with affairs of; Children Overboard, David Hicks serving 2211 days of unlawful detention, not addressing LGBT rights for Australians, Tampa, Iraq war is really for oil, scare tactics/campaigns and billions of dollars on "attackable advertising" since 1996 to November 2007 - When the money should be allocated to other priorities such as addressing issues on water, public education, Health, broadband, etc. All Political parties and Politicians do promise, but do they deliver? The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, will not overturn laws on Euthanasia, civil partnerships for all couples, and will not intervein into State and Territory affairs. Unlike the former Howard Government, overturn laws on what ever he pleased for himself only, under his beliefs - Just for "more political vote-grabbing" going on with Workchoices; and more sheer madness and bad "out-dated policies", "flip floping", continually changing policies, "1950's Australia policy", "white Australia policy", "straight Australia policy" and "half-baked ideas" another example of "low acts that are blundered and bewildering" or "policies-on-the-run" with Australia's freedom has gone mad and under attack. "buck-passing" between the Commonwealth and the states/territories (jurisdictions) has become a thing of the past. Labor also has “proper longer-term visions” on all Government services - But today we are left with “crumbling infrastructure on the road to nowhere”. More issues regarding Law and Order, the need for more police on NSW roads, Stem Cell research for medicine/medical purposes only. I am also “against” the death penalty. I personally just find it “outrageous and totally disrespectful” that the way P-platers are treated in the mass-media and the general community - In much the same way as asylum seekers are treated in this country (Australia)! We are not stopping there. In August 2004, both major parties supported a TOTAL ban on same-sex marriages both in the Australian Constitution and the Commonwealth statute, under the Marriage Act 1961, section 88EA; "Certain unions are not marriages A union solemnised in a foreign country between: (a) a man and another man; or (b) a woman and another woman; must not be recognised as a marriage in Australia". Section 46 - Certain authorised celebrants to explain nature of marriage relationship “Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.”; or words to that effect and Section 5 - Interpretation; Defining "marriage" means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. One day (perhaps 2020) the definition of marriage will be; "marriage" means the union between two (2) persons, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. Why do you think I guessed 2020?

Here is what the 21st century should be:

My Human Rights Charter Table[edit]

Fully supports all comedy, drama and free speech Yes
Fully supports more funding for better technology, more transperant radars (for rainfall) and more accuracy in weather forecasting and/or Meteorology Yes
Fully supports total economic freedom Yes
Fully supports an understanding curriculum called "constructing bridges" - Both in education and in the whole wider community for building a bridge between others as all individuals/people (in the majority), unions, groups, businesses and people/individuals in minority groups themselves. Yes
Fully supports the full abolishment of all slavery, sexism, racism, heterosexism, etc Yes
Fully supports both homosexual and heterosexual sodomy - That should also be educated, supported and legalized throughout the world - Between consenting adults in private only. Yes
Supports more housing and/or funding for people with Autism Yes
Fully supports addressing all the civil, human, ethical, political, legal, social and economic rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation (sexual orientation means; asexuals, solosexuals (or autosexuals), heterosexuals (or straight people), homosexuals, gay males, lesbians, bisexuals and the transexuals or the transgendered Yes
Fully supportive of people who are HIV positive, they need love, ongoing support, housing or accommodation facilities, on-going care and understanding (without the on-going fears of death threats, intimidation, harrassment, blackmail, humiliation, embarrassment, etc) Yes
Opposes all infedelity, incest, rape, sexual assults, bestiality (zoophilia), necrophilia and/or paedophilia (child molestation) - Regardless Yes
Opposes all genetic research and/or any genetic bias (eg the Autism gene and the gay male gene have been used by genetic reserchers to try and fix or correct the genetic problem, and put us on the road to extiction for good, so their is no Autism or/and gay men left) Yes
Supports proper, affordable universal healthcare and education for everyone regardless Yes
Fully Supports NO laws, legislation or regulations regarding; prostitution, brothels, public sexual conduct (both heterosexual and homosexual sexual conduct), pre-marital sexual conduct, sex toys and/or pornography (soft, medium and hard core) - Between consenting parties of adult humans only Yes
Opposes all marriages; between children or teenagers, an adult marrying a child or teenagers, any human marrying an animal and marriages related by blood or family line (eg a brother marrying his sister, etc) Yes
Opposes all arranged and/or forced marriages Yes
Fully supports all gender-neutral marriage(s) (including both opposite-sex marriage and same-sex marriage) - Between consenting parties of adult humans only Yes
Fully supports polygamous marriages (including polygyny, polyandry and same-sex polygamy) - Between consenting parties of adult humans only Yes
Fully supports monogamous marriages - Between consenting parties of adult humans only Yes
Fully supports interracial marriages - Between consenting parties of adult humans only Yes
Fully supports stem cell research, privacy and cures for STDs (eg HIV/AIDS) and other diseases Yes
Fully supports condom use in all prisons, to prevent diseases spreading (such as HIV, Hep C, etc) Yes
Opposes any sort of bias in the mass media Yes
Fully supports more accuracy in the mass media (every second, 24 hours a day) Yes
Opposes any sort of stupid excuses and on-going roundabout style of silly petrol prices Yes
Opposes any sort of on-going yo-yo fashion on inflation - The number one opponent of all Businesses and ripping people off continuously, regardless of situation Yes
Opposes manatory or compulsary voting Yes
Fully supports more voting rights for all people, regardless (people means both men and women) Yes
Supports the legal definiton of an adult human being, when you become 18 Yes
Fully supports an Australian Government "public apology" to gay people, for past sodomy laws (which we are still waiting for a public apology) Yes
Fully supports the voting age of 18, and you have a right to vote at 18 Yes
Fully supports all infrastructure building and/or any proposed infrastructure Yes
Fully supports equality and gender-neutralization in sexual offences and the age of sexual consent should be at least 18 for everyone, regardless Yes
Supports Anti-discrimination laws in employment, provision of goods and services, etc Yes
Supports Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas (includes indirect discrimination, hate speech, etc) Yes
Fully supports Anti-discrimination laws embedded into the Constitution Yes
Fully supports on-going social, legal, civil and economic recognition of both opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples, by means of a; unregistered co-habitation, domestic/registered partnership, defacto status, civil partnership/union, etc Yes
Opposes the nanny state, because of the Government having too much power (e.g. about certain foods) Yes
Supports gender-neutralized and abbreviative meanings in all language(s) Yes
Supports locking up people up for life who are; sexist, heterosexist, racist, trying to run people over or ran-sacking buildings with any vehicle(s), etc Yes
Supports adoption by both opposite and same-sex couples and single HLGBT persons Yes
Supports a full ban on sexual activity (both heterosexual and homosexual) for troops in the military, regardless - No excuses, no exceptions Yes
Supports a right to change your gender and all legal Documents Yes
Supports access to all reproductive technology for HLGBT persons Yes
Supports HLGBT persons to be legally allowed to donate blood and sperm Yes
Supports Life sentences in Prison without parole for child molestors (including child pornography), rapists, people who engage in incest, arsonists, murderers (including attempted murder), etc. Also jail people for the rest of their life who aid, abet, view, encourage or distribute child pornography as well. Yes
Supports the repeal of all victimless crimes Yes
Supports equal rights for women, blacks, HLGBT persons, etc Yes
Supports a 4-lane dual carriageway freeway for the Hume, Pacific and Barton Highways Yes
Supports both the Princes and Great Western Highways to be upgraded to a 4-lane dual carriageway arterial road. Yes
Supports widening the current 2-lane sections to 3 or 4 lanes on each carriageway on both the F3 and F5 freeways Yes
Supports grade-separated interchanges, bypasses and widening of shoulders on all roads Yes
Supports all unions and there rights Yes
Supports a free and independent Tibet Yes
Supports Bans on all alcohol, all harmful vehicles [that are used as weapons], pokies and all smoking (all both public and private) Yes
Supports Bans on coal fired power stations and replace with other better technologies for electricity Yes
Supports the full abolishment of all states, territories and Councils (local Governments) Yes
Supports only one system of Government - The Australian (Federal/Commonwealth) Government Yes
Supports Human Rights around the world Yes
Supports Banning all political donations to all political parties, regardless Yes
Opposes any killing of animals (kangaroos, whales, etc) Yes
Supports changing the top-left hand corner of the Australian flag from a union jack to a Kangaroo or something much more Australian Yes
Supports a Bill of Rights, Human Rights Act or a Human Rights Charter for Australia Yes
Supports a Republic for Australia that will enhance our democracy Yes
Supports the full legalization and/or de-crimilization of all drugs, regardless Yes
Supports big, medium and small businesses Yes
Supports the United Nations Yes
Supports legislation that actually works and is enforcable Yes
Opposes the policies of the out-dated Liberal Party and fully supports the Labour Party Yes
Opposes facism and Conservatism Yes
Opposes all acts of terrorism, arson, guns, gangs, wars, torcher, violence, domestic violence and all and/or any acts of genocide in any size, shape or form (and those who aid, abet or encourage these acts) Yes
Fully supports both atheism and religions - That does NOT EVER promote or use any sort of; hatred, bigotry, intimidation, embarrass, blackmail, fear, fabricate, suffering, oppression, lie, jokes, take things out of context, violence, harassment, threats, insults, attacks, slander, discrimination, genocide, bias, rudeness, terror, remarks, gestures, obstructions, riots, defame, solidify, infringe, violate, defy, carry out terror, terrorism or terrorization, etc against other people, individuals or any group - Regardless. Yes
Fully supports both religious freedom and the freedom from religion. Yes
Opposes the Death Penalty in all of it's forms, regardless Yes
Opposes all political correctness Yes
Opposes all legislation or any restrictions on adult pornography, adultery, extra-marital sexual conduct, cheating or any infedelity - Leave the issue up to families involved to sort out Yes
Opposes all/any legislation or any sort of restrictions on abortion and supports a womans right to choose an abortion Yes
Fully supports help and support for teenage females coping with pregnancy Yes
Fully supports "green areas" (wetlands, woodlands, forests, rainforests, etc) and sustainable forestry Yes
Opposes any use of the cane and also opposes any use of corporal punishment Yes
Fully supports many more workplace benefits and entitlements being implemented (such as "Partner" and "parental" leave or both maternity and paternity leave) Yes
Opposes mandatory detention and supports minimum sentencing Yes
Table still under construction, with a lot more proposed/actual policies to come soon, with more controversial subjects, hard-line debates, etc

More useful websites, groups and information:

Autism spectrum/asperger syndrome groups:

Online fast and updated news every second, public relations and the mass-media:

Statistics and data information:

Weather and climate:

Education And Training:

Human Rights in Australia:

Politics, local, state, territory and federal governments, promises, political issues, political parties, political information, electoral information and campaigns:

LGBT rights, LGBT groups, LGBT archives, LGBT issues and LGBT news:

Proposed projects, businesses, planning projects, Infrastructure Australia Act 2008, auslink, budget papers (2008/2009) and construction/building projects in NSW/ACT:

STDs/STIs (including HIV/AIDS) information and domestic violence information:

Laws, guidelines, statutes, legislation, rules, regulations, etc:

Corruption, law enforcement, commissions, watch dogs, intelligence, internet information, etc:

Anti-paedophilia and anti-rape campaigns, myths about male rape and other anti-paedophilia and anti-rape information: