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Shimon D. Yanowitz is a Scientist, Researcher, Engineer, Inventor and Analyst, of multidisciplinary fields of interest, contribution and expertise

Personal background[edit]

Of an Israeli descent, Shimon Yanowitz has also resided and worked in other parts of the world, such as Europe (mostly UK and Germany), North America (mostly Silicon Valley area) and Asia (Japan, Korea and Taiwan).
Shimon Yanowitz is author of scientific papers and articles, contributor of scientific theories and engineering methodologies, and is also inventor or co-inventor of patents of multidisciplinary scientific and engineering fields.

The Treachery of Images (La trahison des images) (1928–1929)
This is René Magritte's depiction of the Psychophysical Problem and the Psychophysical Paradox

Areas of interest of Shimon Yanowitz[edit]

Areas of interest, contributions and expertise of Shimon Yanowitz include:

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