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The following discussions are requested to have community-wide attention:

Talk:Archaeology and the Book of Mormon

The third paragraph of the lead section contains the following sentence: "Mormon archaeologists and researchers, and non-Mormon scholar Cyrus Gordon (who, speaking outside of his field of study, admitted he was not qualified to speak on the book)[1] claim there have been archaeological findings such as place names, and ruins of the Inca, Maya, Olmec and other ancient American and Old World civilizations that give credence to the Book of Mormon record." A question has arisen as to whether or not the parenthetical qualifying phrase about speaking outside of his field of study meets NPOV policy, particularly about insinuation. Additional input from editors is desired to form a consensus. Thanks, Alanraywiki (talk)

Talk:Occupation of the Baltic states

After liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazi Germany by Soviet Union in 1944-45, Soviet domination and control over Eastern European countries in general, and incorporation of Baltic countries into USSR, in particular, were considered by many in Western world and by nationalists in annexed republics as an occupation. My questions are as follows. Do opinions in the Western literature justify diminishing the act of liberation from Nazi Germany to a mere fringe theory or propaganda, the way it is currently treated in this article? There is an obvious conflict of views between Russian and Western POVs stemming from the Cold War, with Anglo-Saxon view firmly solidified in Western literature after collapse of the USSR. However, wouldn't downplaying official Russian POV amount to violation of NPOV? (Igny (talk)

Talk:Greco-Persian Wars

There is a dispute as to the outcome of the Graeco Persian wars as it should appear in the infobox of the article. The page is currently protected, because it is constantly edited back and forth from
As suggested by Ged UK, I have made a request for comment regarding this issue. Everybody is welcome to comment on the arguments presented on whether the outcome should be :
A. Greek victory
B. stalemate
Greek victory. No question. The Persian goal was to conquer Greece--they utterly failed. The Greek goal was to survive--they succeeded by decisively defeating and repulsing the invading Persian army twice. I utterly fail to see any logic whatsoever in the "arguments" for a stalemate. (Taivo (talk)


In Talk:Albanians#Megistias.2C_don.27t_remove_Belgrade_maps_pls. the disagreement is whether:
(1)An encyclopedia from the 6th century (the Ethnica (Εθνικά) manuscript of Stephanus of Byzantium): is it a Primary, Secondary, or a Tertiary source and as such may it be properly used.
(2)A map from a secondary school may or may not be used in Wikipedia.
Please take time to read the comments on the section. sulmues --Sulmues

Talk:World War II

A non-free photograph (File:Soviet flag on the Reichstag roof Khaldei.jpg) depicts Soviet solders raising the Red Banner on the Reichstag roof. This event symbolized both the end of the Battle of Berlin and a military defeat of Third Reich in World War II. No free images of this unique historic event exist or could be created. The photograph itself is iconic, it is highly recognisable and can be found in most WWII history books and, arguably, is the single most famous picture of the entire WWII collection.
Can a non-free status of this photograph be a reason for its removal from the article, and will its replacement with some free image have a detrimental effect on the article?
--Paul Siebert (talk)


Should the orthographic projection of Chile in the infobox include the Chilean claim in Antarctica. Should claims be shown in the infobox images in the United Kingdom, Norway, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina articles?Cptnono (talk)

Talk:Liberty Island

You already know what my comments are, but I'll repeat them here.
1. The 'Geography of Hudson County' category needs to be removed...again...for the same reasons as I've stated before and the reasons given by the 3rd and 4th opinions on that subject given by OhNoitsJamie and BusterD. It's not actually part of Hudson County.
2. I, again, suggest rewording that one sentence in the Geography and Access section. I think it should read, "Liberty Island is located completely within the boundaries of New Jersey, its built portions and docks falling under the jurisdiction of the City of New York[2][3][4],
of which they wholly part." The reason being that while the island is located on the other side of the state line it's not part of Jersey City and the current phrasing seems misleading.
3. If you're going to list the departure location for Liberty/Ellis Islands from New Jersey in the article (Communipaw Terminal) you should also list the Manhattan departure point as well (Castle Clinton). (talk)

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