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I love Wikipedia and have been editing for years; for nearly a decade, I edited without logging in unless making a particular edit required me to log in. I'm particularly interested in food issues, including local artisanal foods, food writers, and food history, but on a regular basis some other topic sets off an edit binge. Right now I'm writing a lot about Women's Pages journalists and related topics.

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Women's page journalists[edit]

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Vegan fine dining[edit]

Other vegan[edit]

  • Darbster (Food Network) Food Network named them one of the top 20 vegan restaurants in the United States.[2]
  • Little Pine (Food Network)
  • Viva La Vegan (Food Network)
  • Real Food Daily? (Shape)
  • El Palotte Palateria (USA) counter service?
  • Shizen (USA) (Modern Farmer) In 2018 Modern Farmer named them one of the 15 best vegan restaurants in the country.[3]no reservations
  • By Chloe (Modern Farmer) sandwich shop
  • No Bones Beach Club (USA)
  • Buddha Bodai (USA)
  • Cafe Sunflower (USA)
  • Land of Kush (USA)
  • NuVegan Cafe (USA)
  • Délice & Sarrasin? (USA)
  • Watercourse Foods (USA)
  • Champs Diner (USA)
  • Homegrown Smoker (USA)
  • Spiral Diner and Bakery (USA)
  • Double Zero (USA)
  • Modern Love Omaha? (USA) chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz
  • The Butcher's Son (USA)



DYK QPQ[edit]




Google books wikipedia citation tool:


Reliable Indian sources from User:Cesdeva (copied from an AfD post for Bibhusita Das) In case you are still interested: the two big news RS in India are 'The Times of India' (TOI) and The Hindu. After that you have the New Indian Express, The Economic Times, The Telegraph and the Hindustan Times. There are some decent regionals such as the Deccan Chronicle etc. I'd put Firstpost and The Business Standard on the list too, but some may not agree.

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