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My category link disappeared!

Category links are specialized in that they are treated as tags by the Wikimedia software, telling it in which categories to place the article. Because of this, category tags do not appear in the body of articles; rather, they are displayed at the bottom of the page on the category line.

Sometimes it is necessary to create a link to a category; however, if you use the normal link syntax on a category name, it will not appear in the article. For a category link to appear, you need to place a colon (:) at the beginning of the link, like this: [[:Category:Physical exercise]], which shows up like this: Category:Physical exercise.

So don't be shocked when your link turns up missing, it just means that you forgot the leading colon.

The same trick applies to links to Wikipedia in other languages. To create a visible link to the Indonesian Wikipedia article "Teknologi," use the id prefix for Indonesian, with a colon before it to keep it visible: [[:id:Teknologi]], which creates id:Teknologi.

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About Me[edit]

From a Well known Institute of Management in Western India. I have been an user since wiki started and I wanted to give back to the community.

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