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About Weberwang
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My name is Wei-Po Wang, widely known by my friends and acquaintances as Weber. Born and raised in Taiwan, spent my college years in Taipei, and received my graduate degree in Michigan after two years' study. Currently working for a Hsinchu-based IC design house as a patent counsel and at the same time, studying law as a part-time student. Eager to contribute in any way to the prosperity of Wikipedia but have always been restrained by limited time available.

Frantic with foreign language learning. Besides of my mothertongue Mandarin, I can speak fluent English mainly due to my two years spent in the States, and can use and understand Japanese to an intermediate level, for I spent more than three years of classroom hours back in college. I can also speak entry level German, which means I can understand most of the articles and communicate with simple vocabularies, and am currently learning Spanish. I would like to first spend most of my time with Wikipedia on tasks involving article translation among languages I speak. Hopefully in the foreseeable future I will be able to devote more of my time to this greatest project of all time.

If there is anything you would like to share or discuss with me, please feel free to do so by clicking here. I have also signed up as a translator for Wikipedia, and am more than happy to, within my capability, help other Wikipedians in translation needs.

Articles Created or Helped Improved[edit]

The following lists the articles which I created or I helped with the majority of editing work:

The following lists the articles which I helped with at least a minor portion of editing work:

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