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The user alias Wrathkind is extracted from Marvel Comics' Wraithkind. This user made a number of article edits prior to finally creating a Wikipedia account on January 26, 2011. Wrathkind prefers to edit for clarity and undo vandalism, rather than add information to the knowledge base.

Wrathkind occasionally removes information when data is blatantly false, when there is obvious conjecture/speculation/opinion, or when improperly-formatted edits result in an incomprehensible article and/or broken page. Such deletions are noted in the edit summary. When the truthfulness/relevance/usefulness of certain information is debatable, Wrathkind usually abstains from undoing/modifying/deleting such entries, and leaves them for knowledgeable editors to handle.

Prior Contributions[edit]

User Contributions for[edit]

One hundred twenty-six edits from 18:05, 22 March 2010 through 19:03, 17 August 2011 (server time) are attributed to this user. Eighty-three articles are affected. Discussions regarding these edits should be left on Wrathkind's user talk page.

On January 25, 2011, ClueBot NG registered a false positive on one of Wrathkind's edits. The mistake was promptly reported and reverted. After the report was reviewed and marked "Constructive" on June 12, 2011, Wrathkind inserted an update on the user talk page. Wrathkind is no longer associated with this IP address.

User Contributions for[edit]

Seven edits from 05:02, 24 November 2009 through 06:30, 5 July 2011 (server time) are attributed to this user. Six articles are affected: La Llorona, Gimpshop, GIMP, Reverend Gadget, Smash Lab, and I Sing the Body Electric (The Twilight Zone). Wrathkind is no longer associated with this IP address.

User Contributions for[edit]

Four edits from 11:25, 8 March 2009 through 01:06, 9 November 2009 (server time) are attributed to this user. Only three articles are affected: Max Payne (film), Fran Rubel Kuzui, and Kings of Leon. Wrathkind is no longer associated with this IP address.

Block History[edit]

Administrator Shizhao gave Wrathkind a year-long block under suspicion of being a TOR exit node in mid-2010. Wrathkind disputed the accusation and solicited help via the Unblock-en-l mailing list (as per the Guide to Appealing Blocks). Administrator Crazycomputers attempted to assist, but did not have the privileges to lift the block. Steward Requests finally granted a successful appeal after two and a half weeks.

Edit War[edit]

On January 26, 2011, reverted edits applied by Wrathkind on the Cup Noodles article. Despite noting that the edits are warranted due to the cited source's information, insisted on undoing Wrathkind's edits a second time. User Uncle Douggie attempted to intercede by subsequently undoing's reversal.

At this point, (likely the same person as, due to geographical proximity of Spring Valley, CA to Carlsbad, CA) jumped in and reported an edit war. Ironically, proceeded to insert irrelevant information in an attempt "to discontinue further edit war attacks". In addition to using an image of a Maruchan ramen product (whereas the article is for Nissin ramen products), broke the page with malformed <ref> tags.

User attempted to fix the malformed tags, but was unfortunately reversed by ClueBot NG. It fell on user Solareon to repair the page afterwards. By this time, Wrathkind was no longer tracking the revisions on this article, and did not notice that inserted an irrelevant image reference to enforce the presence of wrong information in the article.

This wrong information remained on the page for months, until Wrathkind revisited the article on June 2011. Wrathkind went ahead and removed the irrelevant image reference, as well as deleted wrong information from the article. No further edit warring followed.


This user occasionally uses STiki, an anti-vandalism Java utility by Andrew G. West.