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.. is the Wikipedia handle of Andrew G. West.

Dr. West is a Sr. Research Scientist at Verisign Labs in the greater Washington D.C. area.

He received his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania while working on the topic of wiki and open collaboration security, writing over a dozen academic papers relevant to Wikipedia's operations (see his C.V. and website). English Wikipedia was a primary case study in these efforts, motivating much of the community involvement detailed below.

Now, all participation is done on a purely volunteer/unaffiliated basis.

Project Involvement[edit]

Of particular interest to Wikipedia, Dr. West has developed several tools:[edit]

  • STiki – A collaborative anti-vandalism/spam GUI tool characterized by machine-learning and prioritized inspection (1M+ reverts!)
  • WikiAudit – Given an IP range(s), produces an audit report of suspicious users and editing activity

Several other projects are ongoing or in development:[edit]

  • WP:MED statistics - Cross-language analysis of medical page view statistics (w/ User:Doc James); see our paper in JMIR (and some raw data)
  • Turnitin Collaboration – Copyright detection via machine-learning and a third-party anti-plagiarism service
  • Untitled – Using graph-based learning, metadata, and NLP towards category suggestions for articles (and possible HotCat integration?)

Other roles across the project:[edit]