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May 2011[edit]

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Buttahman worked his way to the top in the music industry and became the most well respected On-Air talent for MTV and BET networks. He recieved his name due to his over usage of the word "buttah" which he used to describe great music.[edit]


Who knew that when Darren “Buttahman” Brin left his birth place of St. Thomas, USVI he would be one of entertainments “Movers & Shakers.” Inspired by the images and sounds of the day’s musical artists and movie icons, Darren knew that someday he would be walking amongst them all. That chance came when he moved to Baltimore, MD to attend Morgan State University. After graduating, he took an internship at the local radio station WERQ in Baltimore and quickly fell in love with the free music and concert tickets. Literally starting at the bottom, Darren worked his way to the top and became a full-time On-Air talent, where he received his name “Buttahman” due to his over usage of the word “Buttah” meaning to describe everything when on the radio. His love for music always found him looking for new artists and sounds, making his show one for the top rated for the station and ultimately earning him the position of Music Director. He continued to discover new music for the radio station and created the hip hop show "Rap Attack," which is now a station staple for over 10 years.

In 2001, Buttahman was recruited by MTV to join the Music and Talent department. He launched the network MTV Jams and successfully built the brand into one of the most recognizable for breaking hip hop. Buttah also developed hip hop programming for MTV2 by brokering TV deals for major hip hop events/properties such as Mixshow Power Summit (MTV2), the first National Video Mixshow "Monster Mix" (MTV2), and developed the hip hop battle event "Fight Klub" as an MTV2 Series.

In 2007, Buttah created, produced and hosted the first nationally televised hip hop game show "Hoodfab" which aired on MTV Jams, MTV2, Mobile and The concept of pitting rap fans against their favorite hip hop stars in a battle of “Hip Hop Wits” was a hit. The reception it received from the fans and artists, showed that he had the mind for what the hip hop viewer wanted to see and making him on of MTV’s main “go to” guys on hip hop culture.

As a result of the recession his position was eliminated from MTV in 2008. Like many people, Buttahman found himself hustling in the new economy. Out of this situation Buttahman developed 10 Things You MUST Do When You Get the Axe! (A guide for surviving a lay-off) and launched the blog site “Getting Layed with Buttah” (the website for the young, fly, and jobless). Buttah created the site to inspire people who have been laid off and to give encouragement for young people who find themselves out of work.

"In the current economic meltdown I noticed that younger and younger people were losing jobs. It's not just the 20 year company vet finding themselves out of work, its the kid who worked at Virgin Megastore or the recent hires out of college,” states Buttah. “I wrote the survival guide for layoffs to let people know being laid off is just the end of a job, not the end of the world."

Taking this an opportunity to expand his horizons, Buttah continued to host "Hoodfab" and pursue his passion of filmmaking by directing and producing music videos.

After two years of exploring different career directions, an opportunity came to Buttahman and in March 2010 he became Director of Music & Development at BET Networks where he oversees the music for the long running show “106 & Park” and other music properties for BET. Buttah is able to flex his creative juices by developing long form/reality programming for BET's expanded music department.

"I'm very proud to be a part of the expanded music team at BET. I grew up watching the channel and am very excited about the growth as well as new direction the network is taking. 106 and Park is the go-to destination for all things in pop/urban culture and having the opportunity to work in development is a dream come true! Watch out! "

Airing in October 2010, his first project "BET's Top Ten Rappers of the 21st Century," a controversial list of the biggest rappers of the 21st Century composed by some of the most credible bloggers, artists, and DJ's in the industry, received top ratings for the network (8.9).

Buttahman is an optioned screenwriter as well as a comedian and actor that has premiered films at the Annual Urban World Film Festival, Mid-Atlantic Film Festival and MTV Jams.

In 2011, Buttahman began, "The Weekly Rap" where a panel of key influencers discuss various current events happening around the world.

Fight Klub


Kia Shine Ft Young Dro & Maino - Checkin' My Fresh (Directed by Buttahman)

Black History Month Mmkeklak (talk) 22:22, 5 June 2011 (UTC)

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