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ISTDP Institute[edit]

Hi, thanks for message. I made these edits. Note that the category should start with [[, but I've just put one opening bracket since the categories shouldn't be live in userspace. You need to provide independent verifiable sources to enable us to verify the facts and show that your institute meets the notability guidelines. There are some problems there.

  • Although you formatted an in-line reference correctly, it only repeated the name of the institute. It should link to a website or a print publication. The format is <ref>[url description]</ref>, see the external link for how this will look. I've added a template that will display your in-line references when added in the text
  • I have no idea where this organisation is based since not even a country is mentioned — I assume it's the US since Americans tend to assume nowhere else exists (:
  • What's MSW?
  • I have no idea why this institute meets the notability criteria above. For all we are told, it may be one man and his dog working from a garden shed. Since it's so recent it may well not meet our notability criteria, you need to give verifiable numbers of members as a minimum to establish notability.

I hope this helps Jimfbleak - talk to me? 06:40, 5 November 2013 (UTC)

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