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RadicalOne is currently:
User:RadicalOne/Status Taking a Wikibreak
I may or may not be at my terminal, but I am offline and will not log in for several days, due to real-life time demands.
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You bet[edit]

No Prob, I might barrow stuff but I don't want to get onto a copyright thing.... lol. I can manually change the status page and that works but It would be alot better if I could just click and change the status from the display. Mlpearc MESSAGE 01:53, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

Wikipedia content is not copyrighted; go ahead and use any of it anywhere. -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 01:56, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
  • I know, but that doesn't mean I don't have Respect, besides already done Mlpearc MESSAGE 02:01, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
As for the auto-update links, have you changed your "vector.js" page to include the correct code? -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 02:04, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
I don't think (whom am I kidding) I wouldn't know the code if it bit me. Also thanks for your Image but I found one more fitting to me..... I have the script in monobook and vector I'm currently in momnbook but I can change to vector no problem Mlpearc MESSAGE 02:29, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
My turn, in the template for the clock or indacitor what are these for ? {{BASEPAGENAME}} {{SERVERNAME}}, don't know what vairiables go here ? Mlpearc MESSAGE 02:37, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

Sorry check edit box, don't why display is like that..... Mlpearc MESSAGE 02:40, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

  • I think the code might have just bit me..... lol Mlpearc MESSAGE 02:41, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
{{BASEPAGENAME}} and {{SERVERNAME}} are automatically filled in by the MediaWiki software; as one might expect, the former displays the base page name ("RadicalOne" here, "Mlpearc" on your page, et cetera) and the server name is, well, the server name, You do not edit those.
To get the template working, you don't edit the template itself. You edit the code it refers to, that being your skin.js page. Simply place the "importScript('User:Henrik/js/automod.js');" (no quotes) on vector.js or monobook.js, whateven skin you happen to be using. Alternatively, you can go to the actual page User:Henrik/js/automod.js, copy all of it, and paste it on your js page. -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 02:54, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Copy that page to my monobook or vector page or start a "automod.js" Page and paste it there ? Mlpearc MESSAGE 03:02, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
The first. Copy Henrik's automod.js page to your js page. -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 03:04, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
  • I think I've already done that at monobook.js and vector.js Mlpearc MESSAGE 03:05, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
If that is the case, it should be working.... -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 03:06, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
  • I'll redo it Thanks my Friend go do your thing you've spent enough time on me, check with later ! Mlpearc MESSAGE 03:14, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
  • P.S. check my sleep box.... Mlpearc MESSAGE 03:15, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

I saw the box...I, ah, do not have such a good history with canines, so I cannot really comment. -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 03:19, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

  • Understand, same thing would happen with my Girl and you snake lol Mlpearc MESSAGE 03:25, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
Echo has never bit anyone (though she did once defecate on them [;)]), and even if she did, she is rather harmless; your partner would be in no danger, something I doubt could be said for a dog. Maya would likely agree; her experiences with such animals largely parallel my own (and she has no problem around snakes, either. ;) -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 03:30, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

I fixed a typo on your "Awake" template.[edit]

There was an extraneous 'has' in the phrase.... thanks for the nice garden of UserBoxen! rhyre (talk) 04:34, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Which template is this? It has been a long time since I logged into Wikipedia. ;) -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 18:37, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
This one: User:RadicalOne/UBX Design/WakeUp. Aurora Illumina 20:34, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
Ah. Thank you for correcting it, Wikip! I cannot believe how long I left that error there. :) -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 23:24, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
No problem. I adapted a version of it for my userboxes, too. rhyre (talk) 14:27, 1 August 2010 (UTC)

Blocking a persistent vandal[edit]

Hi RadicalOne. I've just discovered that an anonymous poster to whom you issued a blocking warning in February has been vandalising again: see the recent additions to Chronicles of Ancient Darkness for details. I don't know how to go about blocking people - can leave it to you to do so? Regards, ~dom Kaos~ (talk) 07:39, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

The user is an IP that belongs to an institution; almost certainly this is a school with multiple vandals. Ergo, it is not the same person doing the vandalizing. Which, unfortunately, makes them ineligible for blocks. -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 20:24, 26 September 2010 (UTC)
I feared you might say that! You're probaby right, but I've added a report to the Admin intervention against vandalism page anyway. Regards, ~dom Kaos~ (talk) 07:09, 27 September 2010 (UTC)
Oh, while I was typing, somebody else has blocked that IP address - looks as if the web pixies have things under control ;-) ~dom Kaos~ (talk) 07:14, 27 September 2010 (UTC)

De facto Dawkins[edit]

Hi there... fwiw, see this - Cheers - DVdm (talk) 21:14, 10 November 2010 (UTC)[edit]

I don't know why you think it's okay to remove all sources from this websites, but seeing as it provides the most intelligent reviews and detailed information about film scores... well, anywhere, you should consider not letting your bias for Hans Zimmer get in the way. Even if you don't agree with Clemmensen's reviews, he knows about what he writes, which is far more than your displayed knowledge of film scores. Food for thought... Jg2904 (talk) 01:20, 21 October 2011 (UTC)

Category: Wikipedians interested in relativity[edit]

I'm trying to create a category for Wikipedians interested in relativity. I made a change to the template so that users who transclude this template on their user's page will be automatically included in this category. Unfortunately I can't write template codes that well, so this is not working so far. Could you take a look ? Phn229 (talk) 04:23, 1 January 2012 (UTC)

I am not sure I know how to, either - I rarely work with these sorts of things, and it has been a great deal of time since I have used that sort of coding. My apologies. -RadicalOneContact MeChase My Tail 02:22, 8 February 2012 (UTC)

make some corrections + add official references + expand articles - thanks =)[edit]