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Hello, Zenobiamusical, and welcome to Wikipedia. We appreciate encyclopedic contributions, but some of your recent contributions, such as your edit to the page Zenobia, seem to be advertising or for promotional purposes. Wikipedia does not allow advertising. For more information on this, please see:

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Thank you for writing. We understand the need to curtail spam and advertising but we don't understand how listing a fact with no endorsements or external links is advertising, unless that is simply the assumption made because of the chosen username. The premiere of Zenobia the Musical involved over 80 professionals and volunteers, Mayor Roger C. Claar sponsored the entire production, and the writer/composers are published professionals with published work dating back to 2002 and produced as far away as Moscow. The production was featured throughout The Chicago Tribune in the fall and winter of 2013. An Emmy winning writer endorses the show. This American show educating audiences about Zenobia indeed exists and it indeed premiered in 2013. What do the creators have to do in order to be legitimate in Wiki's view? Zenobiamusical (talk) 17:13, 15 February 2014 (UTC)

First of all, you may want to have a look at Wikipedia's guideline on conflicts of interest. Secondly, compare the other entries in the "in the arts" section: For every other entry we have an article on the artist, sometimes even for the work of art itself. I'm sure there are countless other, less-notable representations of Zenobia. We cannot (and should not) list them all. If the musical is notable enough, we should write an article on that musical, based on reliable sources such as the Chicago Tribune coverage you mention. If you want to do so, I'd suggest using the Article Wizard. WP:My first article may also be of interest. However, if, as your username suggests, you are associated with the musical, it may be best to leave that to others. In fact your username arguably is a violation of the username policy because it could be considered promotional; you may want to consider having it changed. Huon (talk) 18:07, 15 February 2014 (UTC)
(edit conflict) The Wikipedia:Plain and simple conflict of interest guide and the section WP:EL#ADV of the guideline on external links may also be helpful. JohnCD (talk) 18:20, 15 February 2014 (UTC)