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An ALCO 18-251 V18 engine, used as a backup generator at a wastewater plant in Montreal.

A V18 engine is a V engine with 18 cylinders. A rare configuration not used in automobiles, large V18 diesel engines have seen limited use in mining, electricity generation, rail transport, and marine propulsion.

Examples of V18 engines[edit]

Name Displacement Power output Fuel Notes
ALCO 18-251[1] 12,024 cu in (197.04 l) 4,500 hp (3.36 MW) Diesel Originally designed and manufactured by
American Locomotive Company; now manufactured by
Fairbanks Morse Engine.[1]
Cummins QSK78[2] 4,735 cu in (77.59 l) 3,500 hp (2.61 MW) Diesel Derived from the V16 QSK60.[2]
Marketed by Komatsu as the SSDA18V170.[3]
Wärtsilä 18V50DF[4] 125,000 cu in (2,050 l) 23,530 hp (17.55 MW) Diesel or
natural gas
Available for both marine propulsion and power generation, and used in e.g. Humboldt Bay power station.[5]

Vehicles powered by V18 engines[edit]

Name Description Engine
Belaz 75600 haul truck Cummins QSK78
Liebherr T 282B haul truck Cummins QSK78
Komatsu 960E-1 haul truck Komatsu SSDA18V170
MLW M640 diesel-electric locomotive ALCO 18-251


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