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HR 7578 (V4200 Sgr) is a BY Draconis variable binary star located in the night sky at RA 19h 54m 17s and Dec −23° 56′ 28″ in the constellation of Sagittarius. The stars have a total Proper Motion of 0.426 "/yr.

At a distance of 46.4 light Years (13.61 ± 1.70 pc) and an absolute magnitude of 5.46 these stars have a combined apparent magnitude of 6.23 when viewed from earth.

The two stars, aged between 5x108 and 2x109 years old, appear to be remarkably similar. Both seem to be K3 V or K4V class stars. Both stars appear to have a mass of not less than 0.85±0.03 Solar masses, and an abundance of heavier elements.

They seem, on current evidence, to rotate in 16.35 ± 1 days.

The star system is also known as HD 188088, HIP 97944, CD−24° 15668 A, Gliese 770 A, YPC 4686.00 and V4200 Sgr.


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