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TGN-Pacific (TGN-P,[1] previously VSNL Transpacific) is a submarine telecommunications cable system transiting the Pacific Ocean.

The cable system is constructed with one cable from Emi, Japan, to Hillsboro, Oregon, United States; one from Toyohashi, Japan, to Hillsboro; one from Toyohashi, Japan, to Los Angeles, California, United States; and one from Toyohashi to Guam. The cables between Japan and Hillsboro are each constructed with 8 fibre pairs per cable. At construction the cable could support up to 96 10 Gbit/s waves in its 2001 configuration. In 2014 the cable was upgraded to 100G optical transport.[2]

It has landing points in:

Tata Communications (formerly VSNL[3]) acquired the cable from its builder Tyco in May, 2005.[4]


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