Vaginal vault

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Vaginal vault

The vaginal vault is the expanded region of the vaginal canal at the internal end of the vagina.[1]


The vaginal vault may prolapse after a hysterectomy, as there is no uterus supporting the interior end of the vagina.

Colposacropexy is often used for treating vaginal vault prolapse. A Cochrane Collaboration review[needs update] found that limited data are available on optimal surgical approaches, including the use of transvaginal surgical mesh devices, in the form of a patch or sling, similar to its implementation for abdominal hernia. However, the use of a transvaginal mesh in treating vaginal prolapses is associated with side effects including pain, infection, and organ perforation. According to the FDA, serious complications are "not rare." A number of class action lawsuits have been filed and settled against several manufacturers of TVM devices.

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