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The Vankar is a Hindu social group found in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. Starting from the early nineties, a sizable number have emigrated to other parts of the world, particularly to Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia.[1][2]

History and origin[edit]

The Vankar is a social group found largely in western states of India.[1] Some claim to be descended from Rajputs and use the prefix Maru (meaning from Marwar, whence they believe they came) to differentiate themselves from other Vankar groups.[2] They migrated to places like Bhilad, Gariadhar, Cheetal and Patan.[3]


They are largely spread in Saurashtra region of Gujarat and also found in Dadra, Daman and Diu.[1][2]


They are endogamous community, consisting of a series of exogamous clans.[3]

Present circumstances[edit]

According to census 1981 population of Vankar community (including Mahyavanshi Vankars and Maru Vankar) was 10,49,837 in Gujarat.[1]


The main occupation of Vankars was the weaving of cloth.[3]

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