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Categories Literature
Frequency Quarterly
First issue 1979; 36 years ago (1979)
Country Iran
Based in Tehran
Language Persian

Varliq (Existence in English) is a bilingual quarterly literary magazine in Persian and Azerbaijani language published in Tehran.[1][2]

History and profile[edit]

Varliq was established by Javad Heyat with Hamid Notghi and Gholamhossein Bigdeli and other Iranian Azerbaijani poets and writers in 1979.[1][3] Its main focus is on Turkic languages spoken in Iran, such as Azari, Turkmen, Qashqai, Khorasani, Sonqori dialects.

The magazine, in addition to research areas in Turkology, focuses on written Turkic literature in Iran and its alphabet, strengthening cultural links between Iranian, Azerbaijani and Turkish people and promoting Turkic speaking people of Iran issues in academic circles such as conferences and seminars.

Several contributors of the magazine were arrested by the Iranian authorities and put in Evin prison in September 2008.[4]


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