Vehicle registration plates of the United States for 1990

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Each of the 50 states of the United States of America plus several of its territories and the District of Columbia issued individual passenger license plates for 1990.[1][2][3][4]

Passenger baseplates[edit]

Passenger  car  plates
Image Region Design Slogan Serial format Serials issued Notes
1988 Alabama passenger license plate.jpg Alabama
Alaska 1989 license plate.png Alaska
American Samoa license plate 1988 6750.png American Samoa Black letters on white background, image of palm tree at left. "MOTU O FIAFIAGA" centered at top 1234
Arizona license plate, 1980–1996 series with March 1998 sticker.png Arizona
Arkansas license plate, 1989–1996 with August 1996 sticker.png Arkansas
California license plate, 1990.png California
1982–1992 series Colorado license plate, 1993.png Colorado
Connecticut 1987 Base License Plate.jpg Connecticut
Delaware license plate, 2008.png Delaware
Washington, D.C. license plate, 1984-1991.png District of
Florida license plate, 1986–1991 series with November 1989 sticker.png Florida
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Georgia
Guam license plate 1986 ACC 559.png Guam
Hawaiian license plate, 1981–1990.png Hawaii
Idaho 1990 license plate - 8B 58 507.jpg

Idaho 1990 Wildlife elk license plate.jpg
1987-Illinois-license-plate.png Illinois
Indiana 1991 license plate.jpg Indiana
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Iowa
Kansas license plate, 1989.png Kansas
Kentucky license plate, 1988-1997.png Kentucky
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Louisiana
Maine license plate, 1987–1999 series.png Maine
Maryland license plate (1986–2004).png Maryland
Massachusetts license plate, 1977–1993 series with 2005 sticker.png Massachusetts
1990 Michigan license plate.jpg Michigan
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Minnesota
Mississippian license plate, 1987–1992 series with March 1989 sticker (Madison County).png Mississippi
Missouri license plate, 1980–1996 series with 1984 sticker.png Missouri
1990 Montana license plate, 4-158874.jpg

Blank License Plate Shape.svg
1991 Nebraska license plate 1-D6756.jpg Nebraska
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Nevada
New Hampshire license plate, 1989-1998.png New Hampshire
Blank License Plate Shape.svg New Jersey
New Mexico license plate, 1988–1990 series with October 1989 sticker.png New Mexico
New York license plate, 1986.png New York
Blank License Plate Shape.svg North Carolina
Blank License Plate Shape.svg North Dakota
Northern Marianas license plate 1989 ACN 374.png Northern Mariana
Ohio state license plate, 1985–1990 series with June 1989 sticker (Morrow County).png Ohio
Oklahoma license plate, 1989–1994 series with August 1992 sticker.png Oklahoma
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Oregon
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico 1987 car license plate "Isla Del Encanto".jpg Puerto Rico Black on reflective white with fort graphic "Isla Del Encanto" centered at bottom ABC 123
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Rhode Island
Blank License Plate Shape.svg South Carolina
South Dakota 1990 License Plate.jpg South Dakota
Tennessee license plate, 1988-1993.png Tennessee
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Texas
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Utah
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Vermont
Virginia license plate, 1979–1992 series with February 1983 sticker.png Virginia Embossed dark blue serial on reflective white plate with border line; "Virginia" screened in blue centered at top. None ABC-123 Still currently revalidated.
1987–1990 series Washingtonian state license plate, with May 1988 stickers.png Washington Embossed dark blue serial on reflective white plate with light blue Mount Rainier graphic and dark blue border line; "Washington" screened in red centered at top. "Centennial Celebration" screened in red centered at bottom 123-ABC
West Virginia license plate, 1982-1994.png West Virginia
Blank License Plate Shape.svg Wisconsin
Wyoming license plate, 1988-1992.png Wyoming

Non-passenger plates[edit]

Non-passenger  plates  
Image (standard) Region Type Design and slogan Serial format Serials issued Notes
Blank License Plate Shape.svg

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