Vendlus Records

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Vendlus Records
Founded 2002
Genre Rock, Metal, Industrial, Experimental, avant garde metal, electronica
Country of origin US
Official website

Vendlus Records is an American independent record label currently based in Washington, DC. It was founded in 2002 by Joseph Cortese. Vendlus has an eclectic profile, releasing records in many genres, such as black metal, indie-pop, industrial, avant garde metal and electronica.



  • Main North American distribution is through Omega Distribution which is owned by The End Records this includes One Stop Distribution through Arrow.
  • International Distribution is handled through many outlets, most notable are:
  1. Belgium - LSP Company
  2. England/Éire - Plastic Head Distribution
  3. Estonia - Nailboard Records
  4. Finland - Firebox Records
  5. France - Season of Mist
  6. Hungary - Firebox Europe
  7. Bulgaria - Firebox Europe
  8. Romania - Firebox Europe
  9. Norway - Aftermath Music
  10. Poland - Foreshadow
  11. Greece - SoundForge

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