Venga a bailar el rock

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Venga a bailar el rock
Directed by Carlos Marcos Stevani
Written by Enrique Santés Morello and Julio Porter
Starring Eber Lobato, Alberto Anchart (h), Nélida Lobato, Pedrito Rico, Alfredo Barbieri, Amelita Vargas, Eddie Pequenino, Guillermo Brizuela Méndez
Music by Eber Lobato, Bill Haley, Eddie Pequenino, Lalo Schifrin
Release date
Running time
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Venga a bailar el rock is a 1957 Argentine musical film. Is the first Ibero American film on rock and roll theme. Lalo Schifrin is one of the composers of the soundtrack, in his first movie participation.


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