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The Vice President of Sierra Leone is a position in the executive branch of the Republic of Sierra Leone.


When Sierra Leone was declared a Republic in 1971 by then Prime Minister Siaka Stevens, the position of Vice President was created. The first Vice President was Sorie Ibrahim Koroma.

Functions of the Vice President[edit]

The functions of the Vice President are:

  • Principal assistant to the President of Sierra Leone,
  • To act in the President's stead when he is out of Sierra Leone or incapacitated,
  • Control the movements of the people in the Diamond-protected areas,
  • Permit Boards,
  • Various involvements with non-citizens of the Republic,
  • Monitor the Cabinet,
  • Any other duty that the President desires.

List of Vice Presidents of Sierra Leone[edit]

Name Position Inaugurated Left Office
Sorie Ibrahim Koroma First Vice President 1971 1985
Christian Alusine Kamara Taylor Second Vice President 1978 1985
Francis Misheck Minah Second Vice President 1985 1985
Francis Misheck Minah First Vice President 1985 1987
Abu Bakar Kamara First Vice President 1987 1991
Salia Jusu-Sheriff Second Vice President 1987 1991
Abdulai Osman Conteh First Vice President 1991 1992
Joseph Bandabla Dauda Second Vice President 1991 1992
Albert Joe Demby Vice President 1996 1997
Foday Saybana Sankoh Deputy Chairman of Junta 1997 1998
Albert Joe Demby Vice President 1998 1999
Foday Saybana Sankoh Vice President 1999 2000
Albert Joe Demby Vice President 2000 2002
Solomon Ekuma Berewa Vice President 2002 2007
Samuel Sam-Sumana Vice President 2007 2015
Victor Bockarie Foh Vice President 2015

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