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Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross
Awarded by  South Vietnam
Eligibility Military personnel who were engaged in aerial combat
Awarded for meritorious or heroic conduct while engaged in aerial combat
Status No longer awarded
Next (higher) Gallantry Cross[1]
Next (lower) Navy Gallantry Cross[1]
Related The American equivalent is the Air Medal
Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross.jpg
Ribbon of the Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross in bronze

The Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross was a military decoration of South Vietnam which was issued during the years of the Vietnam War. The Air Gallantry Cross was awarded for meritorious or heroic conduct while engaged in aerial combat. The decoration was comparable to the United States decoration of the Air Medal.

The Air Gallantry Cross was occasionally awarded to members of foreign militaries, but only if an air combat action was performed which directly benefitted Vietnamese war efforts. Pilots of the United States Air Force were often awarded the Air Gallantry Cross.

Separate decorations, known as the Vietnam Gallantry Cross and Vietnam Navy Gallantry Cross, were also issued for general service and naval achievement. These were separate awards from the Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross which came in three different grades: with gold wings, silver wings, and bronze wings.

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