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Vintage Trains
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GWR 4900 Class 4965 Rood Ashton Hall.jpg
Franchise(s)Railtour Operator
Main service(s)Shakespeare Express
Parent companyBirmingham Railway Museum Trust

Vintage Trains is an operator of heritage railtours in the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of Birmingham Railway Museum Trust, and is based at Tyseley Locomotive Works, the trust's other subsidiary. Since 1998 a summer Sundays timetabled service on the North Warwickshire Line has supplemented Vintage Trains usual railtour activities.

Mainline Locomotives[edit]

Vintage Trains operates many steam and diesel locomotives on their mainline railtours.

Steam locomotives[edit]

Locomotives listed here are not all owned by Tyseley Locomotive Works as some are owned by private societies, but are made available to operate on the mainline by their respective owners (assuming they have the appropriate mainline certification).

All engines used on VT's tours will be operated under vacuum braking, engines which do have dual/air braking fitted can be used on VT tours but only operated under vacuum braking (71000 being an example as it's fitted with air brakes).

Number Name Class Livery Owner Tops No Mainline until Max Speed Location Photograph Notes
4965 Rood Ashton Hall GWR "Hall" 4-6-0 GWR Green Tyseley Locomotive Works 98565 2019 60 mph Tyseley LW Rood Ashton Hall Tyseley.jpg
5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe GWR "Castle" 4-6-0 BR Green, Early Emblem Tyseley Locomotive Works 98743 - 75 mph Tyseley LW 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe parked up around the turntable.jpg Due for overhaul near end of 2018
5080 Defiant GWR "Castle" 4-6-0 GWR Green Tyseley Locomotive Works 98780 - 75 mph Tyseley LW Defiant parked up around the turntable.jpg Funding for overhaul underway by "The Defiant Club".[1]
6880 Betton Grange GWR "Grange" 4-6-0 N/A The Betton Grange Society 98580 - 60 mph Tyseley LW 6880 Betton Grange in Llangollen Shed.JPG New build of next member of class.
7029 Clun Castle GWR "Castle" 4-6-0 BR Green, Late Crest Tyseley Locomotive Works 98729 *2025 75 mph Tyseley LW 7029 Clun Castle on the turntable at Tyseley LW.jpg Overhaul recently completed.
L.94 - GWR "5700 Pannier Tank" 0-6-0 LT Red Tyseley Locomotive Works 98452 - 45 mph Tyseley LW LT94 Tyseley (4).jpg
7760 - GWR "5700 Pannier Tank" 0-6-0 - Tyseley Locomotive Works 98460 - 45 mph Tyseley LW GWR Class 5700 No 7760 Pannier (8062224875).jpg
9600 - GWR "8750 Pannier Tank" 0-6-0 BR Black, Early Emblem Tyseley Locomotive Works 98457 - 45 mph Tyseley LW Hugh llewelyn 9600 (6116280147).jpg
5593 Kolhapur LMS "Jubilee" 4-6-0 LMS Crimson Lake Tyseley Locomotive Works 98693 - 75 mph Tyseley LW 5593 Kolhapur standing at Windsor Road.jpg
45596 Bahamas LMS "Jubilee" 4-6-0 BR Green, Late Crest Bahamas Locomotive Society 98696 2026 75 mph Tyseley LW Bahamas reversing of Tyseley's turntable.jpg Only surviving jubilee with double chimney.

Returned to mainline on 15 Jan 2019.[2]

71000 Duke of Gloucester BR Standard Class 8 4-6-2 BR Green, Early Emblem (on completion) Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust 98802 - 75 mph Tyseley LW Hugh llewelyn 71000 (5363551073).jpg To be based at Tyseley following overhaul [3]

Diesel locomotives[edit]

Bold = Current number

Pre Tops Number Tops Number Class Name Livery Owner Status Location Photograph Notes
D1755 47773 47 - BR Two-Tone Green Tyseley Locomotive Works Operational Tyseley LW BR Class 47 no 47773 at Llandudno.JPG
D407 50007 50 Hercules BR Blue Class 50 Alliance Operational Tyseley LW No.50007 Sir Edward Elgar (Class 50) (6103866107).jpg
D433 50033 50 Glorious BR Blue Large Logo Tyseley Locomotive Works Operational Kidderminster Hugh llewelyn 50 033 (5561082796).jpg On three year loan to the fifty fund.[4]

Also in previous years Vintage Trains has operated charters using electric and diesel traction that hasn't already been mentioned above, including British Railway's Electric Class 86 86259 'Les Ross', British Railway's Class 47 Diesel 47580 'County of Essex' and British Railway's Class 50 Diesel 50049 'Defiance'. The company has also used various other diesels such as West Coast Railway Company's own Class 33 and Class 47 Diesels.

Vintage Trains CBS[edit]

Until late 2017, Vintage Trains operated its railtours with West Coast Railways providing the crews, WCRC being the only charter operator available who would operate vacuum braked trains as none of the engines based at Tyseley are fitted with air brakes. But from 2018, it was announced that due to a falling number of crews being available, West Coast Railways said they were unable to provide footplate crews to operate VT's trains and as a result of this, the early 2018 railtour programme which had been planned including the planned debut run of 7029 Clun Castle had to be cancelled.[5]

Vintage Trains CBS was set up in late 2017 as a publicly owned company and in order to fund the company began recruiting members of the public to become shareholders in the company by purchasing shares (minimum available for purchase being £500 per share).[6]

The share scheme to fund the company was launched in December 2017 and was planned to close in May 2018, at which point a minimum of £800,000 had to be reached. The minimum amount required was reached before the closing date and is now planned to be kept open until New Year's Eve 2018 (31 December 2018) or until the max amount is reached which is £3,000,000.[7]


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A picture of a Chiltern Turbo and a Vintage Trains steam train at Stratford Upon Avon station in the year 2004.
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