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The pioneer of computer science, Alan Turing, who has featured especially in the Virtual Museum of Computing, in collaboration with Andrew Hodges.[1]

The Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC) is an eclectic collection of links and online resources concerning the history of computers and computer science.[2][3] It includes links to other related museums, both real and virtual, around the world, as well as having its own virtual galleries of information. A particular feature is the early computing pioneer Alan Turing, among others.[1]

This virtual museum was founded by Jonathan Bowen in 1994, originally at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory in the United Kingdom.[4] It has been supported by Museophile Limited[5] and also forms part of the Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp), supported by the International Council of Museums (ICOM).[6] VMoC was subsequently hosted at the University of Reading and London South Bank University, and was mirrored around the world as part of VLmp. It is now available as a wiki on the MuseumsWiki, hosted on Wikia.[7]

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